BingX Visits Paris Blockchain Week & Token2049 Dubai to Connect With Traders Globally

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BingX Visits Paris Blockchain Week & Token2049 Dubai to Connect With Traders Globally Press Release

During the previous two weeks, the BingX team has been actively engaged in connecting with traders, KOLs, media personnel, and other stakeholders through visits to Paris and Dubai. BingX acknowledges the importance of establishing in-person relationships, which is why the company places significant value on creating immersive booths and hosting unique events that offer personal interaction opportunities.

Vivien Lin, Chief Product Officer at BingX, kicked off the trip at Paris Blockchain Week, where she delivered a keynote on creating user-centric products. Lin highlighted that BingX doesn’t obsess over the competition but instead focuses on users, which speaks to our primary goal of “Empowering Traders.” With one of the most interactive booths on the conference floor, BingX hosted table soccer games, FC 24 PlayStation 5 tournaments, and crypto trivia, where signed Chelsea F.C. Merchandise was given to winners. The BingX team was able to connect with thousands during the three-day conference in Paris.

After attending Paris Blockchain Week, the BingX team traveled to Dubai to participate in Blockchain Life 2024, The Global Blockchain Show, and presented as the title sponsor of TOKEN 2049 Dubai. At The Blockchain Life Awards 2024, BingX is proud to have earned awards in the categories of Best Crypto Exchange, Best Exchange for Derivatives Trading, Best Trading App, and Best P2P Service. Vivien Lin states, “It was a pleasure to connect with people from all over the globe in Paris and Dubai. Being awarded four prestigious awards is a reflection of our user-centric approach when developing products and we cannot wait to roll out more this year.”

During her stay in Dubai, Vivien participated in two panels and delivered a keynote speech alongside other prominent industry figures. Key themes included building user-centric products, top crypto exchange outlooks, emerging industry trends in 2024, and scalability challenges with solutions.

BingX held an afterparty at the end of the week, where hundreds of guests had the opportunity to mingle with UFC fighters and BingX Ambassadors Junyong Park and Da Woon Jung. The event was hosted by the iconic Burj Khalifa, and guests enjoyed unique performances and entertainment throughout the evening.

“By spotlighting BingX’s user-centric philosophy at recent industry events, we’ve underscored our commitment to excellence in user experience—an approach we credit for our strong performance, particularly in bullish markets,” Vivien stated. “Our focus remains on serving our community with integrity, transparency, and innovation. This strategy not only differentiates us but is also pivotal to our success. Engaging directly with our audience at these gatherings reinforces our belief that placing users at the heart of our operations is essential for sustained growth and leadership in the fintech sector.” said Vivien Lin, Chief Product Officer at BingX.

About BingX

Founded in 2018, BingX is a leading crypto exchange, serving over 10 million users worldwide. BingX offers diversified products and services, including spot, derivatives, copy trading, and asset management – all designed for the evolving needs of users, from beginners to professionals. BingX is committed to providing a trustworthy platform that empowers users with innovative tools and features to elevate their trading proficiency. In 2024, BingX proudly became Chelsea FC’s principal partner, marking an exciting debut in the world of sports.

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