Three Stealthy Cryptos with Potential to Surge

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Three Stealthy Cryptos with Potential to Surge Press Release

The crypto market is getting ready for a thrilling time, with Bitcoin (BTC) nearing its important breakout point at $67,000. If Bitcoin (BTC) surpasses this threshold, it could ignite a significant market rally, signaling a bullish period for many cryptocurrencies. This sentiment is echoed by top crypto analysts and traders closely monitoring the dynamics of Bitcoin (BTC). A breakout above $66,455 could trigger a chain reaction of upward movements across the cryptocurrency market.

Today, we’ll discuss several cryptocurrencies that could experience positive growth. Read on to discover the technological offers of these projects, contributing to their potential to surge.

ScapesMania: Bridging Worlds, Unleashing Potential

Let’s kick things off with ScapesMania, an innovative ecosystem where gaming meets blockchain. As a player, dive into exciting experiences without fussing over crypto. And if you hold tokens, you’re in for a treat – you can benefit from the project’s success and help steer its course through DAO.

As the casual gaming market heats up, ScapesMania could be poised for greatness. You’ve seen other gaming projects take off, right? Well, now it’s ScapesMania’s turn to shine in this thrilling crypto wave.

The Rise of ScapesMania: A Snapshot

ScapesMania’s journey is marked by milestones:

  • Presale Success: The project amassed a whopping $6,000,000 in a presale from crowd/retail contributions only — no big shots on board!
  • Top of the Charts: On their first day of trading, ScapesMania shot to the top of DEXTools’ Hot Pairs list.
  • Impressive Trading Volumes: People traded $2.25 million worth of $MANIA tokens in just one day.
  • Holder Base: The holder count surged to a whopping 18,400.
  • Community Reach: The project garnered a robust following of over 60,000 across social media channels.
  • Phenomenal Growth: The price saw a staggering 147.77% growth within a mere three weeks post-listing.
  • Price Heights: $0.02691 marks the highest point for the MANIA/WBNB pair.

Why ScapesMania Has Everyone Talking

ScapesMania is appealing for a few key reasons. Firstly, its tokenomics is balanced with mechanisms like cliff and vesting to be stable and resilient. 

Secondly, it enables people to have a say in how things are run through DAO. Expanding token utility is another standout feature. The team keeps finding new ways to use its tokens, making them even more valuable for holders. 

Given all the upsides above, it’s no wonder the crypto community eagerly embraces ScapesMania, expressing bullish sentiments about its future.

Level Up Your Crypto Experience

ScapesMania is stepping into the vibrant world of casual gaming at just the right moment. With a solid price after listing and strong initial support, $MANIA shows its strength and promise. 

As the casual gaming scene grows, ScapesMania is set to soar as well. Targets for fund generation are met, and now it’s a matter of little things. The team is busy with product development and establishing strategic partnerships.

Ready to be part of something potentially game-changing? Seize the moment – hop on board with ScapesMania now!

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Moving on to Tron (TRX), a digital asset that has showcased a positive performance against the broader cryptocurrency market trends. In the past week, Tron (TRX) price increased by nearly 10%, showcasing resilience and a bullish trend even as the market corrected. The cryptocurrency is currently positioned as the 13th largest by market capitalization, highlighting its significant role within the crypto space.

The increase in Tron (TRX) price is largely attributed to bullish divergences noted in both the RSI and MACD indicators, suggesting a strong undercurrent of buying pressure. These technical indicators have previously been reliable predictors of price surges in Tron (TRX) trading history. The price reclaimed a crucial support at $0.11, which had briefly dipped but was quickly recovered, reinforcing bullish sentiments.

Looking ahead, Tron (TRX) shows potential for an upward trend. A break above the descending resistance trend line from its yearly high could target the next resistance at $0.125, supported by Fibonacci retracement analysis. 

While the overall market sentiment is bullish, aiming for price points near previous highs, it’s important to note that market conditions are subject to change.

Cardano (ADA): Navigating Through Market Recovery and Potential Gains

To wrap up, let’s talk about Cardano (ADA), which has recently seen a notable recovery, reclaiming the $0.50 mark after a significant drop earlier in the month. This resurgence reflects a broader optimism about the market positioning and technological foundations of Cardano (ADA). It remains a popular choice among crypto enthusiasts due to its robust development platform and active community support.

The recovery to $0.50 is a critical psychological level for Cardano (ADA), providing a base for potential further gains. The price movement has set the stage for Cardano (ADA) bulls to potentially push the price towards higher resistance levels, with a near-term target set at $0.65. The bullish trend is supported by increasing buying interest and market sentiment that favors recovery narratives in the cryptocurrency sector.

Cardano (ADA) future prospects look optimistic, with the potential to achieve the $0.65 mark as the next significant milestone. The price forecast is contingent upon maintaining current support levels and continuing buyer engagement in the market. However, as with any investment in the volatile crypto market, there are inherent risks and uncertainties that could sway market dynamics unexpectedly.


The current anticipation surrounding Bitcoin (BTC) breaking the $67,000 resistance point is setting the stage for a widespread uplift in the crypto market. Should this key level be surpassed, it could catalyze a significant market rally, benefiting an array of cryptocurrencies, including under-the-radar assets like Tron (TRX), Cardano (ADA), and ScapesMania.

ScapesMania, with a successful presale and debut on a decentralized exchange, is well-positioned to capitalize on the positive market sentiment.




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