Bitcoin Jesus Is Suing Matrixport’s Smart Vega Over $8M Frozen Funds

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Bitcoin Jesus Is Suing Matrixport’s Smart Vega Over $8M Frozen Funds
  • Crypto angel investor Roger Ver has sued Smart Vega, a subsidiary of Matrixport.  
  • Ver’s lawsuit alleges Matrixport’s Jihan Wu froze the withdrawal of $8 million of his funds.  
  • The case is an episode in the CoinFlex collapse saga, which Ver is alleged to have caused.

Crypto angel investor and “Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver is locked in a legal battle with crypto financial services firm Matrixport over the freezing of funds amounting to $8 million. Ver’s lawsuit has charged Smart Vega, a Matrixport subsidiary, with freezing his funds. The suit alleges that Jihan Wu, co-founder of Matrixport, is behind the freeze.

Ver said Wu blocked his attempts to withdraw $8 million from Smart Vega’s derivatives-focused platform, The withdrawal was blocked over Ver’s alleged involvement in the collapse of the CoinFlex exchange.

In the lawsuit, Ver alleged that Wu confiscated his money as compensation for losses faced when the exchange collapsed and had to file for restructuring. Ver said he was not responsible for the platform’s crash and termed Wu’s beliefs as false and irrelevant. 

Reports claimed that Ver was the investor who led CoinFlex to collapse after failing to fulfill a margin call. Moreover, CoinFlex, of which Jihan Wu is a creditor, alleged that Ver caused losses of about $47 million. 
Matrixport has refuted Ver’s comments, saying they are untrue. The company said that it is withholding Ver’s funds until a court ruling. Matrixport said, “Roger Ver was subject to penalties due to a margin call default.” Furthermore, a lawyer advised the company to withhold the funds while waiting for legal clarity on the issue. The company stated its willingness to deposit the disputed amount with a third party.

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