Bitgert Finally Unveils Meme Character “BEFE” for its token BRISE

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Bitgert Finally Unveils Meme Character “BEFE” for its token BRISE
  • Bitgert launches BEFE, a witty meme character for its native token BRISE.
  • The platform says no separate BEFE coin will be launched, warning of scams.
  • Bitgert plans to enter P2P crypto exchange market.

Bitgert, a rapidly expanding crypto project, has unveiled its latest creation: BEFE, the hilarious meme character representing its native token, BRISE. The firm announced this development in a recent tweet, noting that it is the “ultimate blend of humor and innovation.”

According to Bitgert, BEFE seeks to bring joy and laughter to the crypto community with a witty personality and infectious charm. Bitgert believes combining humor and creativity can revolutionize the industry and engage users more enjoyably.

Notably, the development comes after multiple teasers in which Bitgert asked the crypto community to guess the name of the meme character. Bitgert’s announcement of BEFE generated excitement within the community as it looks forward to a new level of fun and interactive experiences.

Furthermore, the project has emphasized that BEFE is only a meme character, and no separate BEFE coin will be launched. It cautioned against potential scams using the BEFE coin name.

In a related development, Bitgert announced plans to venture into the P2P crypto exchange business.  This decision comes following a recent proposal that sought feedback from the crypto community. In a poll held earlier this month, over 76% of respondents voted in favor of developing a P2P Crypto Exchange instead of a decentralized freelancer platform.

This result came as a surprise since the project’s initial roadmap had focused on launching a decentralized freelancer platform. However, after careful consideration in light of community feedback, the Bitgert team will be exploring the idea of creating a P2P Crypto Exchange similar to well-known platforms starting 1 August 2023.