BlockDAG’s Dev Release 48 Features New Upgrades in X1 Miner while Beta App Release Boosts Presale to $48.5M 

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BlockDAG’s Dev Release 48 Features New Upgrades in X1 Miner while Beta App Release Boosts Presale to $48.5M  Press Release

BlockDAG‘s Development (Dev) Release 48 showcases major developments attained by the X1 Miner Beta App, focusing on user feedback and improving functionality. Notable upgrades include resolving phone number input errors, fixing connectivity issues with Coinbase and preventing multiple OTP requests. These improvements, along with intuitive navigation changes, highlight BlockDAG’s commitment to user satisfaction. This innovative approach has boosted BlockDAG’s presale success, selling over 11.3 billion coins and raising $48.5 million.

BlockDAG Raises $48.5M: New Crypto Era

BlockDAG provides excellent mining opportunities, offering both solo and pool mining options to accommodate miners with varying preferences and resources. In pool mining, individuals combine their computing power to mine new blocks and validate transactions collaboratively, increasing the chances of earning rewards. Alternatively, solo mining is for those who prefer an independent route, tackling computational challenges single-handedly to earn rewards and contribute to the network’s security. One of the standout mining rigs is BlockDAG’a X30 miner, which elevates mining efficiency with a robust 280 GH/s hash rate, tripling mining performance. Its compact, easy-to-place design makes it suitable for various settings, combining formidable power with sleek practicality and helping to earn up to 600 BlockDAG coins daily.

BlockDAG has attracted significant attention from potential crypto miners worldwide due to its efficient mining mechanisms. This increased interest has accelerated the presale pace, with BlockDAG now in Batch 18 and the coin price at $0.0122. The presale has raised over $48.5 million by selling more than 11.3 billion coins. BlockDAG’s innovative approach and efficient mining solutions continue to draw global interest, solidifying its position as a promising player in the cryptocurrency mining landscape.

BlockDAG’s Dev Release 48: Epic Miner Boost

BlockDAG’s Dev Release 48 for the X1 Miner application marks a significant stride in enhancing user experience and application performance. This release focuses on refining the application based on user feedback, addressing key issues to improve functionality and reliability. Notable enhancements include resolving phone number input errors, ensuring smoother transactions by fixing connectivity issues with Coinbase and preventing multiple OTP requests to optimize the user interface. Additionally, intuitive navigation enhancements, such as active tab highlighting and updated footer navigation, further streamline the user experience.

The team has also prioritized performance optimization across the application, resulting in faster load times and a smoother overall user experience. Changes include an updated sign-out process for increased security and the removal of the edit email input from the account information tab to streamline operations.

Amid these technical upgrades, BlockDAG is excited to announce the development of the Blockchain Explorer, a tool designed to enhance transparency within the blockchain network. This upcoming project will allow users to view and verify transactions, track their status and access detailed block information, providing an invaluable resource for both seasoned blockchain users and newcomers.

As BlockDAG continues to evolve, the focus remains on empowering users with tools that enhance transparency and control. The Blockchain Explorer, coupled with ongoing enhancements to the X1 Miner, shows BlockDAG’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction.


BlockDAG’s Dev Release 48 has unveiled significant upgrades in X1 Miner App, focusing on resolving key issues and enhancing user experience. These improvements, such as fixing phone number input errors and optimizing connectivity with Coinbase, demonstrate BlockDAG’s dedication to user satisfaction. This commitment to innovation and functionality has propelled the success of its presale, selling over 11.3 billion coins and raising $48.5 million. As BlockDAG continues to evolve, its promising future in the crypto world remains assured.

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