Breaking: OKX Jumpstart Introduces RUNECOIN Mining By BTC Staking

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OKX Jumpstart Allows RUNECOIN Mining By Staking BTC
  • OKX Jumpstart introduces RUNECOIN (RSIC•GENESIS•RUNE) mining on the exchange by staking Bitcoins.
  • The platform will commence RUNECOIN mining at 7.00 a.m. on April 29, 2024.
  • Runecoin acknowledges it as a significant milestone and welcomes more platforms to join Bitcoin’s innovation.

OKX Jumpstart, a leading centralized exchange (CEX), has recently introduced RUNECOIN (RSIC•GENESIS•RUNE) on the platform. As per the official announcement dated April 29, 2024, OKX Jumpstart will commence RUNECOIN mining at 7.00 a.m. on the same day by staking Bitcoin.

In an X post, Runecoin has also revealed its collaboration with OKC Jumpstart. The platform acknowledged it as a milestone for the community and “a significant step forward for the entire Runes ecosystem.” In addition, they added, “It opens the door for high-volume trading with low fees, fast execution, a smooth user experience, and a broad reach to global users.”

Runecoin, the first Pre-Rune airdropped to the early adopters of Ordinals, provides a unique opportunity to engage with BTC. The token “designed with intention and innovation” boasts a total supply of 21 billion.

Following the collaboration with OKX Jumpstart, Runecoin invited more platforms, exchanges, and communities to join the “new wave of Bitcoin innovation.” Further, the platform addressed the alliance as a “monumental achievement,” stating,

“This is a monumental achievement, marking the first listing of a Bitcoin rune on a leading exchange. This huge step aligns with Runecoin’s mission to bootstrap adoption, education and innovation of Ordinals, Runes and Bitcoin.”

As per the official announcement, the mining period extends from 7:00 a.m. UTC on April 29, 2024, to 7:00 a.m. UTC on April 30, 2024. Reportedly, the amount of mineable tokens in the BTC staking pool is 367,500,000 RUNECOIN. The platform asserted that members of Mainland China, Hong Kong, and South Korea would not be eligible to mine RUNECOIN on OKX Jumpstart.

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