Can Social and Blockchain Collide? SevenX Ventures Bets on UXLINK

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Can Social and Blockchain Collide? SevenX Ventures Bets on UXLINK Name: Ikemefula Aruogu
  • SevenX Ventures Backs Web3 Social Platform UXLINK 
  • Focus on User Needs in Web3 Development
  • UXLINK Boasts Strong User Base

SevenX Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on blockchain technology, announced a partnership with UXLINK, a leading social platform specializing in Web3-powered groups. The partnership aims to bridge the gap between core social principles and fundamental Web3 concepts, emphasizing user needs in crafting a successful platform.

In a statement, Jon, Founding Partner at SevenX Ventures, praised UXLINK’s understanding of Web3 user and project needs. Jon noted UXLINK’s ability to leverage trusted relationships to drive network growth and incentivize user participation through Web3’s unique economic model.

SevenX Ventures identified UXLINK as a fast-growing platform with a substantial user base and promising monetization potential among group-oriented Web3 social platforms. The venture capital firm believes the partnership will facilitate the issuance and trading of digital assets within UXLINK’s social environment, positioning it as a key link between Web3 infrastructure and applications.

UXLINK boasts several key differentiators within the Web3 social infrastructure landscape. The platform highlights its innovative user connection method and organizational structure facilitated by its “Link to Earn” mechanism and “Web3-enabled groups.” These features provide developers in the Web3 space with a unique set of tools and data resources.

UXLINK reports over 5.7 million registered users across more than 100,000 groups on its platform. Daily Active Users (DAUs) surpass one million, with over 300,000 interacting directly on the blockchain (“on-chain DAUs”). The platform’s ongoing “first-season airdrop” targets the top 10% of users, with over 550,000 participants to date.

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