Cardano Community Slams Lark Davis Over Controversial Twitter Post

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  • Lark Davis subtly criticized Cardano for not having enough products to maintain its top 10 crypto status.
  • Cardano supporters debunked Davis’ claims by posting some of the project classes running on the Cardano blockchain.
  • Other supporters accused Davis of deception and deliberately misleading the crypto community.

A Controversial crypto investor Lark Davis has been slammed by the Cardano community over recent comments about the project. In a tweet, Davis acknowledged being impressed by Cardano’s capacity to remain among the top 10 cryptocurrencies for so long, despite limited functions.

Davis elucidated that Cardano had almost no DeFi, few working retail DApps, and processes only 70,000 transactions per day. He praised Cardano holders for believing in its potential and trusting the vision despite its shortfalls.

This comment by Davis was not taken lightly by the Cardano community. It was considered a deliberate attempt to denigrate the project and talk down on its followers.

Some responders to the tweet debunked his claims by providing details of the various products running on Cardano. Others projected him as a controversial figure deliberately attempting to talk down on the project.

A Twitter user who identifies as ADA whale described Davis’ comment as “a strange passive-aggressive tweet”. He contradicted Davis’ claim of a few DApps by listing several products currently running on the Cardano blockchain.

ADA whale noted that DEXes, synthetics, and multiple borrowing and lending protocols are currently running on Cardano. He continued by stating that Cardano blockchain is a pioneer in staking bonds, NFT bonds, and book/music tokenization and is among the top 5 NFT markets. 

Several other details in the Cardano credentials were highlighted by ADA whale, decrying the lack of adequate reporting on the Cardano ecosystem. He advised Davis to take more responsibility and do his research.

Another Cardano supporter with the Twitter identity Jim berated Davis over some inconsistencies in his Twitter profile analytics. He subtly accused him of having a deceptive persona that misleads venture capitalists (VCs).

Using screenshots of Davis’ past tweets, Jim attempted to expose a lack of correlation in his engagement statistics. He suggested that Davis was playing to the gallery, perhaps motivated by ulterior motives.

Several other users swiped at Davis, expressing their disapproval of his comments. Some used unpleasant names to describe him. They accused him of engaging in unethical activities that have led many crypto users in the wrong direction.

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