Cardano Surpasses Ethereum In GitHub Daily Development Activity

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Cardano Surpasses Ethereum
  • Cardano ranks first in the daily development activity list by GitHub.
  • Cardano recorded 137 commits by 38 authors across 32 GitHub reps.
  • Cardano was followed by Everscale, Wrapped Everscale, and Ethereum at rank four.

Recent data from GitHub shows that the public blockchain platform, Cardano is ranking first for daily development activity. Twitter account ProofofGitHub shared a list of the top ten chains with the highest daily development activity.

According to the data, Cardano-based projects ranked number one on the chart with 598 commits, followed by Everscale with 494 commits.

The daily development activity on GitHub reveals which projects win more attention from developers and are constantly being worked upon. The current activity index for Cardano in the recent market exhibits positive about the blockchain.

Although the ongoing trend in the market is bear, experts are tagging it as a builder’s market due to the growing number of projects receiving investments.

According to a tweet on December 3, by Cardano Updates, a Twitter account that delivers real-time updates and daily development reports, 137 commits were pushed by 38 authors across 32 GitHub repositories. Moreover, 56,284 additions and 105,757 deletions were reported.

The Cardano-based self-governance experiment project catalyst-core witnessed 16 commits, while the cardano-ledger received 10 commits. Additionally, the ouroboros-network, a proof-of-stake protocol providing and enhancing the security guarantees of proof-of-work at a fraction of the energy cost, observed 10 commits.

Meanwhile, the Carano Foundation’s cf-summit-evoting-status saw 9 commits, alongside Cardano Improvement Proposals or CIPs which define standards, and processes; or provide general guidelines or information to the Cardano Community, cited 8 commits.

Following Cardano on the GitHub daily development list were Everscale at 494 commits, Wrapped Everscale also at 494 commits, Ethereum at 419 commits, and Polkadot at 394 commits.

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