Cause of ApeFest Atendees’ “Extreme Pain” Identified: Yuga Labs

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  • A few attendees of the Yuga Labs’ ApeFest reported eye and skin-related ailments.
  • Yuga Labs investigated the matter, collaborating with the Jack Morton Agency.
  • After investigation, Yuga Labs concluded the cause was the UV-A emitting lights used at ApeFest.

Yuga Labs, the digital assets company behind last week’s ApeFest event in Hong Kong, has addressed complaints of eye and skin ailments reported by attendees. Around 15 participants of Yuga Labs’ event reported experiencing impaired vision and “extreme pain.” After investigating, Yuga Labs shared in a post on X that UV-A emitting lights used at the event were the most likely cause.

On November 5, attendees started reporting health complaints. One atendee wrote on X, “Woke up in the middle of the night after ApeFest with so much pain in my eyes that I had to go to the hospital.” They added that a doctor confirmed the cause as “UV from the stage lights.” Another attendee took to X to share remedies for photokeratitis, an eye condition whose symptoms matched those reported by ApeFest attendees, and said that symptoms seemed to be concentrated among attendees who stood close to the stage.

Yuga Labs collaborated with ApeFest co-organizer Jack Morton Agency to investigate, reviewing inventory records, material logs, installations, and other materials. The investigation concluded that “UV-A emitting lights installed in one corner of the event was [sic] likely the cause of the reported issues related to attendees’ eyes and skin.”

Yuga Labs extended its apologies for the incident, urging attendees to seek medical attention in case of any such symptoms and promising to support the recovery those affected. The company reiterated, “Community is the heart of Yuga and the purpose of ApeFest is to bring the community together IRL.” 

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