Coffeezilla Exposes CryptoZoo, Play-To-Earn Game that Lost Millions

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Coffeezilla Exposes CryptoZoo, Play-To-Earn Game that Lost Millions
  • Investigator Coffeezilla exposes influencer Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo game scam.
  • The play-to-earn game went wrong after investors signed up and deposited money.
  • Paul blamed developers for the loss of millions of dollars.

American Youtuber and influencer Logan Paul is under crypto detective Coffeezilla’s radar, who has now exposed his CryptoZoo game scam. Logan Paul’s “fun game” claimed to enable users to earn money. However, after millions of dollars in investor money, users were left with nothing more than stock images of zoo animals.

Initially, Logan showed great excitement for his passion project CryptoZoo on his podcast called “Impaulsive.” The purpose of the game CryptoZoo was to allow people to invest their money and earn passive income while they play.

Users bought animal eggs, then they bred the animals that hatched from the eggs to create unique NFTs. But the problem stemmed after people invested millions and were unable to cash out the earnings.

Coffeezilla asked one of the victims, HelicopterBob, who lost $7000 under CryptoZoo, if the passive yield ever worked for him and if he made any money. To this Bob replied:

It never worked from the beginning. It wasn’t even written into the contract where it showed if you could yield with Zoo. But there was no way to claim your yield. There never was

Coffeezilla investigated the scandal to reveal that at one point, Logan blamed the developer of the game for its failure. Paul claims that the developer created a code and then ran off with it, to Switzerland, and wouldn’t return it unless the Youtuber paid him one million dollars.

After Coffeezilla interviewed CryptoZoo’s developer, it was revealed that Paul never paid the developer’s team, which is why they stopped working on the project.

Moreover, Logan Paul has come under fire for using Adobe Stock images and photoshopping them into ‘art’ as part of his CryptoZoo NFT project, despite Logan Paul and his team’s claims that they are “hand made art.”

Coffeezilla shared that due to Logan Paul’s influence, people spent millions. The crypto analyst said, “People bought 2.5 million dollars worth of eggs on the first day, and the game wasn’t even launched yet.”

Coffeezilla called Logan Paul’s manager Jeffrey Levin, who replied to the crypto investigator’s with a response saying, “no comment”. As per Coffeezilla, both Levin and Paul refused to present any evidence, or give feedback on the issues with CryptoZoo. Moreover, Coffeezilla revealed that he was blocked by Logan Paul on social media.

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