Crypto Influencer Ben Armstrong Fired From the Bitboy Crypto Company

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  • Ben Armstrong, widely known as Bitboy, has been fired from the Bitboy Crypto company.
  • The Bitboy company shared that the decision came after a culmination of prolonged efforts to help Armstrong during his substance abuse relapse.
  • Armstrong had many cases with lawyers and was accused of promoting FTX.

In a recent announcement, crypto influencer and YouTuber Ben Armstrong has been fired from the Bitboy Crypto company, and the company has taken decisive legal action to remove him from the brand.

On August 28, BJ Investment Holdings, the parent company of Hit Network, took to  X (formerly Twitter) to share the news of taking legal action to remove Ben Armstrong. The company shared that this decision was made after a “culmination of prolonged effort” in helping Armstrong during his substance abuse relapse.

The Bitboy Crypto company added that Armstrong caused emotional, physical, and financial damage to the employees of the Hit network and the Bitboy Crypto community. Furthermore, they added that the “BitSquad” deserved better, wished Armstrong the best, and expressed their regret over the situation.

Many Twitter users reacted to this news with support for Armstrong and expressed concern over the future of the brand without Armstrong, who was its most recognizable influencer. One user stated, “This channel is nothing without Ben,” another added, “Ben IS Bitboy, this may affect you terribly,” and a third user said, “How do you have Bitboy Crypto without Bitboy.”

The announcement mentioned substance abuse as the main issue that led to Armstrong’s termination, but many speculated that it could have been related to previous entanglements involving Armstrong. The influencer, among many others, was accused of promoting FTX, the bankrupt crypto exchange, without disclosing their compensation agreements.

The crypto influencer denied these allegations and took to Twitter to share his opinion of the accusations. Armstrong allegedly threatened Adam Moskowitz, the lawyer, and said, “I’m coming for your license, sir. Relentlessly. You made a big mistake. And you will pay for it.”

Moreover, Armstrong has raised suspicions about a potential “secret crypto takeover plan” by Gary Gensler, the Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and presented evidence to support his claims.

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