Hong Kong Bitcoin ETFs Hit by Record Outflows; $32M Withdrawn in 1 Day

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Hong Kong Bitcoin ETFs Hit by Record Outflows; $32M Withdrawn in 1 Day
  • Hong Kong’s Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs see record outflows of $38 million.
  • ChinaAMC’s Bitcoin ETF leads the outflow, contributing to a significant drop in total net assets.
  • The U.S. Bitcoin ETF market, led by Fidelity ETF, reports a positive inflow of $66 million.

Hong Kong’s six spot Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange-traded funds (ETFs) experienced their largest net outflows of $38 million on Monday since their inception on April 30.

The trio of spot Bitcoin ETFs, managed by China Asset Management (ChinaAMC), Harvest, and the partnership of Bosera and HashKey, witnessed a substantial outflow of 519.5 BTC on Monday, valued at over $32 million. This figure contrasts with the 99.99 BTC outflow observed on Friday, as per the analytics from SosoValue.

Leading the exodus was ChinaAMC’s spot bitcoin ETF, which saw 251.65 BTC withdrawn.  Following closely was Harvest’s ETF at 147.86 BTC and Bosera HashKey’s ETF at 119.99 BTC. As of Monday, these ETFs collectively held approximately 3,560 BTC, with their total net assets diminishing to $219.7 million from Friday’s $262.7 million, SosoValue reported.

The Ethereum side of the market echoed this trend, with the three spot ETFs also marking their highest daily net outflows to date. A total of 2,270 ETH was withdrawn on Monday, a notable increase from zero flows on Friday and an outflow of 471.25 ETH on Thursday. In monetary terms, these Ethereum ETFs faced a total net outflow of $6.6 million on Monday, according to Farside’s data.
Meanwhile, the bleeding trend observed in the Hong Kong crypto spot ETF market contrasts with the U.S. Bitcoin ETF market development. As of Monday, U.S. ETF saw a positive flow of $66 million led by Fidelity’s FBTC. This positive flow emerged after two conservative trading days of negative flows.

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