Crypto Insider Blows Hot in Explosive Allegations Against SEC

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  • Steven Nerayoff said the U.S. SEC had a list of prominent people they wanted to take out.
  • The list included tech journalist Naomi Brockwell, who John Deaton is representing in the LBRY vs. SEC case.
  • Nerayoff accused the SEC of maliciously prosecuting him for three years after he refused to cooperate.

Crypto Insider and former Ethereum advisor Steven Nerayoff said the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission had a target list of people within crypto, including tech journalist Naomi Brockwell. According to Nerayoff, the SEC wanted his help in taking them out.

In a post that has gathered attention on X, Nerayoff accused the regulatory agency of plotting to take out prominent persons in crypto. He posted:

They told my attorneys for months they wanted “anything on anyone” important in crypto, or I’m going to prison for a long time.

Despite not getting him to cooperate, he said the SEC maliciously prosecuted him for three years even though they knew he was innocent. Earlier in May, a New York Judge dismissed the criminal extortion charges against Neyaroff.  The prosecutors in the case could not prove the charges of the indictment.

Since then, Nerayoff has revealed several explosive allegations against the U.S. regulators. The latest revelation comes on the heels of John Deaton joining the LBRY v SEC  lawsuit on behalf of Naomi Brockwell.

LBRY, a file-sharing and payments platform, seeks to challenge a judgment given against it on July 11, 2023. The SEC had accused the platform of offering unregistered crypto asset securities.

However, following the decision in the Ripple vs. SEC case, the platform hopes to rely on Judge Analisa’s ruling to overturn its own case. The July judgment against LBRY led to the imposition of civil penalties and a prohibition from participating in unregistered security offerings.

According to Nerayoff, the LBRY lawsuit is one of the most outrageous actions brought by the SEC against crypto institutions. He continued by praising Naomi’s resilience and John Deaton’s intervention in the ongoing case.

The recent allegations will once again increase calls for an ethical cleanse and transparency within the SEC. Following their relentless prosecution of Crypto institutions this year, the agency has been on the end of worrying allegations – from ETHGate accusations to personal bias and possible conflict of interests.

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