Cryptoys Set to Unveil Mickey Mouse and Friends Toys in September

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Cryptoys Set to Unveil Mickey Mouse and Friends Toys in September
  • Cryptoys announced it will add characters from Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Friends in September.
  • The characters include Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Pluto.
  • Users can pick up the collectibles at $39.99 apiece.

Andreessen Horowitz-based Web3 startup Cryptoys announced it will launch a new collectible based on iconic characters from Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Friends. The collectible, set to launch in September, will feature Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Pluto. The collectibles are priced at $39.99.

The launch of the collectibles follows a recent announcement that the company would be adding Yoda to its existing Star Wars collections. Launched in May, the Star Wars collection only has Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia toys available for purchase. Per the announcement, the company will airdrop limited-edition Yoda toys to existing holders of the Star Wars collectibles.

Cryptoys says the 15-piece Mickey Mouse collection will have similar rarity structures as previous collectible releases. That includes rarity such as Common, Rare, Legendary, Grail, and Ultra Grail rarity levels.

According to Will Weinraub, CEO and co-founder of Cryptoy’s parent company, OnChain Studios, “Mickey and Friends are the most beloved, recognized characters in the world; it’s an honor for us to work with Disney in bringing these cherished friends to life as digital collectibles with unique designs. With Cryptoys, we’re giving fans of all ages a new opportunity to enjoy some of their favorite Mickey and Friends characters.”

The company, which raised $23 million last year in Series A funding from investors such as toymaker Mattel, Animoca Brands, and CoinFund, seeks to attract users with these household favorites Disney IPs. While all the collectibles are built on the Flow blockchain, there is no on-chain data to track the performance of the collectibles. There is also no data to show how many toys the company has sold so far or the total trade volume since its launch.

A similar challenge is that there is no active marketplace or third-party marketplace for the collectibles, making it hard for users to trade and exchange the collectibles. The lack of this has also made it difficult to track performance.