DEXT FORCE Festival Officially Announces Its Second Edition In 2024

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DEXT FORCE Festival Officially Announces Its Second Edition In 2024 Press Release

The organizing team of DEXT FORCE Festival is pleased to officially announce the event dates for this year. The festival, which combines the innovation and creativity of a Web3 congress with the vibrant energy of an electronic music festival, will take place on October 4th and 5th, 2024.

The DEXT FORCE Festival is more than just an event; it is a unique experience that brings together individuals passionate about a decentralised world, music, and collaboration in a historic and luxurious setting: Casa Llotja de Mar in Barcelona. From the early morning hours until late at night, the festival offers unparalleled opportunities for meaningful networking.

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The event will feature a prominent Web3 Congress, where speakers, exhibitors, startups, professionals, investors, and companies related to Web3, DeFi, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain will fill the venue throughout the day and night. The diverse and dynamic agenda is designed to intensify natural and positive networking, with performances, workshops, masterclasses, mindfulness sessions, and recreational activities scheduled for both days.

In addition to the congress, the DEXT FORCE Festival will offer an exciting Music Festival that will transform the event atmosphere into an unforgettable night time celebration. With impressive DJ sessions, live music performances, and digital art, the festival promises to deliver good music and an exceptional ambiance.

“We are thrilled to announce the official dates of DEXT FORCE Festival for 2024,” said Jorge Palomino, one of the co-directors. “We look forward to welcoming a diverse community of innovative thinkers, music lovers, and technology enthusiasts for two days of inspiration, connection, and celebration.”

“This year’s festival promises to continue pushing the boundaries and departing from the faceless blockchain conventions, reigniting the community’s passion for the dynamic essence of decentralization!” added the other co-director Vasilisa Marinchuk. “With integrity and co-creation at our core, we’re set to unleash the vibrant power decentralization, uniting and inspiring all who join us.”

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About DEXT FORCE Festival:

DEXT FORCE Festival is a unique event that combines a Web3 congress with an electronic music festival. Held in the prestigious setting of Casa Llotja de Mar in Barcelona, the festival brings together individuals passionate about a decentralized world, creativity, music, and collaboration. With a congress full of relevant content and a festival brimming with music and art, DEXT FORCE Festival offers an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

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