ERC-3475 Developed by D/Bond Adopted Into Ethereum Foundation

Last Updated:
  • D/Bond’s ERC-3475 has been adopted by Ethereum.
  • ERC-3475 makes it possible to generate conventional bonds in addition to other financial derivatives.
  • Its goal is to make the management of very many callable bonds feasible.

The EIP-3475 proposal that was put forth by D/Bond was agreed on and ultimately approved to become the new API standard ERC-3475, and according to the latest blog post by the platform on Medium, it has just gained acceptance from the Ethereum Foundation.

D/Bond developed the new standard in order to facilitate the introduction of bonds and to provide value to the expansion and improvement of Ethereum‘s current infrastructure and ecosystem.

The platform proceeded to say that as a result of introducing its Abstract Storage Bonds standard, the DeFi business is developing, and it has been taking almost every component of the conventional finance (TradFi) system along for the ride. D/Bond is contributing to this expansion and delivering more value to the DeFi sector.

ERC-3475 is said to be the new standard interface for smart contracts. It was developed by Yu Liu and Songbo Wang with the intention of making the management of very many callable bonds feasible. The explanation provided by the company’s founders suggests that with the help of ERC-3475, people are now able to store more information about bonds, launch more types of bonds, add new features, and finish a broader set of functions than we were able to in the past. This is something that is essential for the decentralized finance market.

As stated by the company in their blog post:

“With no existing bond investment vehicles or exchange, D/Bond will make trading, investing, lending, and borrowing bonds possible without the hassles of an intermediary such as big banks.”

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