ETF Approval and Launch: Analyst Insights on Crucial Developments

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  • Nate Geraci predicts that the SEC will approve the Bitcoin ETF applications on Wednesday.
  • Subsequently, the ETF will be launched on Thursday, per Geraci’s predictions.
  • The analyst says Grayscale’s ETFs will become one of the top 60 ETFs by AUM.

The crypto community is anticipating fruitful developments this week as analysts predicted January of 2024 to be a significant month for crypto. Nate Geraci, a prominent figure in the crypto space, recently wrote on X, sharing insights on major events expected this week that hopefully revolutionize the crypto market.

One of the key developments is the SEC’s much-awaited Spot Bitcoin ETF approval. According to Geraci, the ETF approval is most likely to happen this Wednesday. He also expects that the SEC Division of Trading & Markets will approve 19b-4s (exchange rule changes). In addition, predicting the registration statements, he wrote, “Division of Corporate Finance must sign off on S-1s.”

Subsequent to the SEC’s approval, the ETF is expected to be launched on Thursday, as per Geraci’s tweets. Reflecting on estimations of the investment firm BlackRock’s investment strategies, Geraci noted that it would be fascinating to see the different strategies. Recent reports suggested that BlackRock has plans to invest about $2 billion of capital from the existing Bitcoins to convert them to spot Bitcoin ETFs in the first week.

Further, Geraci shed light on the possibility of crucial developments in ARK Invest and Grayscale Investments post ETF approval. He stated that ARK Invest has the capability to invest more than $200 million to replace GBTC in ARKW. Changing focus to Grayscale, Geraci posited that the firm, currently holding $27 billion in assets, will “automatically be in *top 60* ETFs by AUM (Assets Under Management) upon launch.”

Geraci already hinted at the significance of these possible events last week. He predicted that the week would witness the regulators approve ETF applications of various firms, leading to the commencement of ETF trade.

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