Fox Business Reporter Confirms 2024 as a ‘No Super Bowl Crypto Ad’ Year

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  • Eleanor Terrett reiterates that 2024 will be another no Super Bowl crypto ads year.
  • Confirming Fox Business’ recent report, Terrett states that no crypto companies or ETF issuers will be investing in advertisements.
  • Kraken and Coinbase will invest in other fruitful events, like crypto education and regulation.

Fox Business reporter Eleanor Terrett confirmed that 2024 would remain a ‘no Super Bowl crypto ads’ year, with no crypto platforms investing in crypto advertisements. The reporter added that all 11 Spot Bitcoin ETF issuers would stay silent during this year’s Super Bowl LVIII.

Terrett’s X post reiterated yesterday’s Fox Business report that shed light on the stance of crypto companies, including Kraken and Coinbase, on crypto advertising. As per the report, 2024 is poised to become another ‘no Super Bowl crypto ads’ year following 2023. Terret’s recent post confirmed the news, stating,

My reporting confirmed. No crypto ads this year including nothing from the eleven.

In 2023, crypto firms reportedly turned away from spending money on crypto investments due to the lack of funds following the long crypto winter. Though 2024 marks a more financially stable year for these companies compared to the last year, they decided to step back from advertisements and plan to direct money toward more fruitful strategies.

For instance, Kraken stated that the platform would invest in promoting crypto education and awareness, understanding the significance of making crypto accessible to everyone. Similarly, Coinbase, moving away from advertisements, would use its funds to influence Congress to frame comprehensive crypto regulations. They would also invest in campaigning for crypto-friendly political leaders in the upcoming election.

However, Terret added insights on a contradicting incident involving Square CEO Jack Dorsey. Reportedly, Dorsey was spotted wearing a Satoshi sweatshirt at the 58th Super Bowl. Reports stated that Dorsey wearing a shirt representing Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous founder of Bitcoin, signifies that “Dorsey is a staunch BTC supporter.”

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