Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Prediction 2024-2030: Will LUNC Price Hit $0.0005 Soon?

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Terra-Classic-(LUNC)-Price-Prediction 2022
  • LUNC’s price might increase before the end of 2024 with the price target at $0.00029.
  • The price of the cryptocurrency might fall to $0.000092 in 2027.
  • By December 2030, the bullish thesis places LUNC’s price prediction at $0.00039.

It is never easy to bring back a cryptocurrency which caused the market pain and losses. But for the Terra Classic (LUNC) community, all hope is not lost. Recently, the price of the token which was once known to be a great project by its previous name, has increased.

However, that is not proof that a significant explosion is coming. Further, it is important to check the potential of the token. In this article, Coin Edition discusses the price potential of LUNC from 2024 to 2030.

Terra Classic (LUNC) Real Time Market Status

🪙 Name Terra Classic
💱 Symbol LUNC
🏅 Rank #118
💲 Price $0.000110249655078
📊 Price Change (1h) 0.68 %
📊 Price Change (24h) 5.1 %
📊 Price Change (7d) 4.89 %
💵 Market Cap $638273408.561
💸 Circulating Supply 5.78934608103E+12 LUNC
💰 Total Supply 6.79453754522E+12 LUNC

Terra Classic (LUNC) is currently trading at $0.000110249655078 and sits at number #118 on CoinMarketCap in terms of market capitalization. There are 5.78934608103E+12 LUNC coins currently in circulation, bringing the total market cap to $638273408.561.

Over the past 24 hours, Terra Classic has increased by 5.1%. Looking at the last week, the coin is up by 4.89%.

What is Terra Classic?

Terra Classis is a blockchain protocol that utilizes stablecoin to power payments on a global scale. Terra is secured by the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Consensus with LUNC as its native token.

Previously, LUNC was known as LUNA. However, the collapse of the cryptocurrency alongside its stablecoin UST caused the Terra community to rebrand the token. LUNC allows users to validate transactions and stake their tokens.

Let’s take it back to its history. Development on the Terra network began in 2018. However, it was in 2019 that the project launched on Mainnet. With its offer to allow stablecoin transactions on its chain, Terra and LUNA quickly grew in popularity.  As a result, LUNA’s price surged to incredible levels and UST its stablecoin also won the hearts of many traders.

But UST lost its peg to the dollar in 2022 due to the bad actions of Do Kwon one of its founders. Since LUNA had a strong link to the stablecoin, its price also crashed by 99%. 

However, Do Kwon is no longer in charge of the project as the community has been making an effort to revive LUNC. One of the ways it does this is by burning the tokens and ensuring scarcity. This way, the token can retain a good value.

LUNC Current Market Status

As of this wrting, LUNC’s price was $0.000107, representing a 2.28% increase in the last 24 hours. However, the trading volume did not follow the price increase as it fell by 38.01%. Specifically, the 24-hour trading volume was a little over $24 million, indicating that interest in the token dwindled.

Concerning market cap, LUNC was not more part of the top 100 and had a market cap of $623.52 million. This made it sit at the 112th position. 

LUNC’s maximum supply is undisclosed. But its circulating supply is 5.79 trillion tokens. You can buy LUNC on Binance, Bitget, KuCoin, OKX, and some others 

Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Analysis

On a Year-To-Date (YTD) basis, LUNC’s price has decreased by 25.48%.  But in the last seven days, the price has shown a glimpse of bullish action. Whatever the case might be, this segment will focus on its short-term analysis and long-term price prediction.

Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Analysis – Bollinger Bands

At press time, LUNC’s price was $0.000108. However, the Bollinger Bands (BB) contracted, indicating low volatility around the token. With low volatility, it could be difficult for LUNC’s price to produce an exponential rally. 

At the same time, a notable correction might not be on the cards. Instead, the token might trade sideways. By the look of things, LUNC might trade between $0.000103 and $0.000109 in the short term.

LUNC/USD 4-Hour Chart (Source: TradingView)

Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Analysis – Relative Strength Index (RSI)

For the Relative Strength Index (RSI), the 4-hour chart showed that it had risen past the 50.00 midpoint. An increase in this suggests bullish momentum. Hence, LUNC’s price could increase. 

However, this might not validate a consistent bullish run considering that the RSI reading was close to falling into the bearish zone. As such, LUNC’s next movement could end up in consolidation.

LUNC/USD 4-Hour Chart (Source: TradingView)

Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Analysis – Moving Average Convergence Divergence

As of this writing, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) was around the zero midpoint, indicating indecisiveness between bulls and bears. Furthermore, the 12 EMA (blue) and 26 EMA (orange) were situated around the same point. With an almost equal buying and selling state, LUNC’s price might end up swinging sideways in the short term.

LUNC/USD 4-Hour Chart (Source: TradingView)

Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Prediction 2024

The daily LUNC/USD chart showed that the Awesome Oscillator (AO) was negative. Typically, this is supposed to foreshadow a decreasing downward momentum. However, the AO showed green bars, indicating that the bullish bias for LUNC might soon become a reality.

Coupled with its token burn mechanism, the price of LUNC might jump and a target of $0.00022 could be possible in 2024.

LUNC/USD Daily Chart (Source: TradingView)

Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Prediction – Resistance and Support Levels

Back to the 4-hour chart, Coin Edition spotted solid support at $0.000094, suggesting that the token might not drop below this region. However, there was resistance at $0.000104 which LUNC has been able to surpass.

But if LUNC drops below this resistance, the price of the token might lose hold on the $0.00010 region. On the other hand, if the token attempts to key into the $0.000117 resistance, a breakout might occur and LUN might reach new peaks.

LUNC/USD 4-Hour Chart (Source: TradingView)

Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Prediction 2025

LUNC’s price might follow the broader altcoin rally in 2025. However, the token might not be able to replicate the momentum of other altcoins. Still, the price is expected to increase, and a move to $0.00025 could be possible.

Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Prediction 2026

The price of LUNC might continue to increase in 2026 as the community might have grown stronger. However, the token might consolidate for most of the year as liquidity might flow out of the market. For its prediction, Coin Edition places it at $0.00029.

Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Prediction 2027

For 2027, LUNC’s price might not repeat the performances of the previous years. By this time, the broader market might undergo a correction, and LUN might not be left out of the decline. As such, the price of the token could drop to $0.000092 in 2027.

Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Prediction 2028

LUNC’s price might bounce in 2028. This is because the community might have burned a lot of tokens while helping the scarcity of the tokens. It is also a year when the 5th Bitcoin (BTC) halving will take place. Thus, there is potential for the price to appreciate. As such, the price of LUNC could hit $0.00032 in 2028.

Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Prediction 2029

Despite its projected increase in 2028, LUNC might find it difficult to hold on to the increase and some of its holders might decide to book profits. If this is the case, the token might face correction that could lead its value down to $0.00018 in 2029.

Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Prediction 2030

LUNC’s price might bounce again in 2030. This time, the token might have become a top 100 project with a higher market cap. Should this be the case, the price of LUNC might hit $0.00039 in 2030.

Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Prediction 2040

By 2040, the LUNC community might have hit tens of millions of members. As such, demand for the token might be incredible. With this forecast, the predictions for 2040 could be $0.00050.

Minimum Price Average PriceMaximum Price

Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Prediction 2050

LUNC’s price might experience an exponential increase in 2025. While the token might try to delete one more zero, it might only get close, and not achieve that. However, the price might reach $0.00089 at maximum.

Minimum Price Average PriceMaximum Price


Concluding this article, it is important to remember that LUNC is not LUNA. Therefore, the possibility of experiencing a massive increase could be low. However, LUNC’s price might jump but might not be able to compete with the performances of other altcoins.


What is LUNC?

LUNC is the native token of the Terra blockchain. But not many know that LUNC existed before the more popular LUNA. However, LUNA collapsed, and its stablecoin lost its peg, the Terra community reverted to LUNC.

How do you buy LUNC?

You can buy LUNC on Binance, Bitget, KuCoin, and some other centralized exchanges.

Is LUNC a good investment?

LUNC was a good investment in the last bull market. But since the LUNA collapse, and its rebranding the token has struggled. Going forward, the token might produce some returns. But it might not be as profitable as the performance that brought it to the limelight.

What is LUNC’s all-time high?

LUNC’s all-time high when it was known as LUNA was $119.18 in May 2022.

Will LUNC reach $0.00050 soon?

LUNC can reach $0.00050. But it might not happen this year as the token does not have the required hype to reach that level within a short period.

What is the maximum supply of LUNC?

The maximum supply of LUNC is not known but almost 6 trillion tokens are in circulation.

Will LUNC surpass its current ATH?

LUNC might never surpass its ATH again. This is because of the collapse in 2022 which triggered its massive dump. Even with the revival of the project, the price action has been underwhelming compared to when it was known as LUNA. As such, LUNC might ever hit it or surpass it ATH.

What is the lowest price of LUNC?

The lowest price of LUNC was $0.000016 in 2019.

Who is the founder of LUNC?

The founder of Terra, responsible for the development of LUNC was Do Kwon and Daniel Shin.

Which year was LUNC launched?

LUNC was launched in April 2019.

How do I store LUNC?

LUNC can be stored in several wallets. For instance, you can store LUNC on Backpack, Solfare, and Phantom which are Solana-based wallets. This is because the Solana blockchain supports the token.

However, other wallets like MetaMask, Terra Wallet, and Binance Chain Wallet also support the token. Meanwhile, you can also store LUNC on hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor.

What will be the price of LUNC in 2024?

The price of LUNC could reach $0.00022 in 2024.

What will be the price of LUNC in 2025?

LUNC’s price might be $0.00013 by the end of 2025.

What will be the price of LUNC in 2026?

LUNC’s price might reach $0.00020 in 2026.

What will be the price of LUNC in 2027?

By 2027, the price of LUNC might fall and reach $0.000092.

What will be the price of LUNC in 2028?

LUNC’s price can increase to $0.00032 in 2028.

What will be the price of LUNC in 2029?

The price of LUNC is expected to decrease to $0.00018 in 2029.

What will be the price of LUNC in 2030?

LUNC’s price might reach $0.00039 in 2030.

What will be the price of LUNC in 2040?

The price of LUNC might be $0.00050 in 2040.

What will be the price of LUNC in 2050?

LUNC’s price could hit $0.00089 in 2050

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