Google Integrates Ethereum Merge Countdown As Event Approaches

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Google Integrates Ethereum Merge Countdown As Event Approaches
  • Google has added a countdown for the Merge.
  • The Merge is happening in two days and 22 hours from now.
  • The Merge is a very important event for the cryptocurrency sector.

On Friday, a Google Cloud engineer named Sam Padilla disclosed that a countdown clock for the Ethereum Merge has been integrated into the Google Search engine. As of the time this article was written, it is anticipated that the Merge will go live precisely three days and 22 hours from now, as seen in the picture below.

Source: Google

Over the course of the last several weeks, there has been a meteoric surge in interest in The Merge, and Google forecasts that this trend will only continue in the days to come.

The present Ethereum mainnet, also known as the primary public Ethereum blockchain that everyone uses, will be merged with a new blockchain that will be known as the Beacon Chain when the merge occurs.

At this time, both chains are operating concurrently. However, only the Ethereum mainnet, which operates on a protocol known as proof of work at the moment, is processing transaction requests.

Yesterday, Ethereum (ETH) developers announced that the final preliminaries, known as shadow forks, which are necessary for the highly awaited blockchain update known as The Merge have been successfully completed.

After the merge is finished, the Ethereum mainnet will transition away from the proof-of-work method and instead adopt the proof-of-stake technique that is used by the Beacon Chain.

The result of the combination will have an impact not just on the Ethereum blockchain but also on a broad variety of businesses and services that are dependent upon it. And considering Ethereum’s size and significance, the outcome of the merging will almost certainly have repercussions for the whole of the cryptocurrency sector.

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