Google Promotes High-Quality Content Creation, Acknowledges AI

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  • Google’s update promotes Artificial Intelligence (AI) for quality content creation.
  • The update rewrites the year-old preference for ‘human writers for human readers’ notion.
  • The search engine highlights the significance of quality content regardless of the means of creation.

In the ever-evolving hi-tech universe where Artificial Intelligence (AI) supersedes human power, Google, in its recent update, revealed its preference for AI for quality content creation. Acknowledging the significance of AI, Google has been redrafting the year-old credence in human intelligence, indicating the predilection for the quality of content over the means of creation.

Over the previous decades, the tech giant has been propagating the notion of “content written by people, for people”, highlighting its insistence upon promoting human content creators. However, in a groundbreaking twist, the recent update in Google’s SEO Playbook saw the internet search engine replacing its ever-known phrase “written by people” with “content created for people”. John Mueller, a Google Search Relations executive, commented, “By definition, if you’re using AI to write your content, it’s going to be rehashed from other sites”.

Google relies on a new method of ranking content, thereby identifying worthy and “helpful” content. The plan proposes to introduce a refined classifier that could categorize between helpful and unhelpful content. The statement read:

Any content—not just unhelpful content—on sites determined to have relatively high amounts of unhelpful content overall is less likely to perform well in Search, assuming there is other content elsewhere from the web that’s better to display. For this reason, removing unhelpful content could help the rankings of your other content.

As per Google’s proposal, AI is officially identified as a recognizable tool for quality content. However, the search engine doesn’t intend to devalue human efforts but foster valuable content creation regardless of whether it is created by artificial intelligence or human intelligence.