Hackers Steal Sensitive Data From Bankrupt Bitcoin ATM Coin Cloud

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Hackers Steal Data From Bitcoin ATM
  • An unidentified hacking group has claimed to have compromised Coin Cloud.
  • The group claimed to have stolen 70,000 customer files and 300,000 pieces of personal information.
  • The collected sensitive information belongs to users from the United States and Brazil.

Coin Cloud, a Bitcoin ATM operator, was allegedly hacked by an unidentified hacking group. According to vx-underground, a library of malware codes, the group claimed to have stolen 70,000 customer files and 300,000 pieces of personal information belonging to users of the Bitcoin ATM.

Vx-underground shared the security breach information on X (formerly Twitter) and noted that the sensitive information the hackers claimed to have stolen included social security number (SSN), date of birth, first name, last name, e-mail address, telephone number, current occupation, physical address, and more.

According to vx-underground, the hackers claimed to have collected sensitive information belonging to users from the United States and Brazil and stolen the source code for the entire backend of Coin Cloud. 

Vx-underground’s post contained part of the details shared by the hackers and included a portion of the alleged source code and selfies of several Coin Cloud customers.  The hacking group reportedly shared the leaked database on private social channels and plans to post it online soon.

Coin Cloud filed for bankruptcy last February following “business difficulties and legal problems,” according to the Wall Street Journal. The Bitcoin ATM operator’s CEO, Chris McAlary, claimed that the issues they encountered led to a loss of over $40 million in the first nine months of 2022.

The recently reported case adds to the growing number of security issues plaguing the crypto industry. On October 30, Coin Edition reported about a rug pull where replicas of MEME, MEMEPAD, and TITANX lost 100% of their value to the actions of cybercriminals.

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