IOHK Head Briefs About Cardano, Reflects Benefits of Vasil Upgrade

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  • Charles Hoskinson tweets on the technical process in Cardano and the benefits of the Vasil hard fork.
  • He said that the SPO community is the backbone and useful protocol of Cardano.
  • The IOHK head stressed that the Vasil upgrade will bring new governance processes.

In a series of Twitter posts, IOHK head and founder of Cardano Charles Hoskinson highlighted some key points about the platform’s functions, before the Vasil upgrade launch.

Firstly, he said that “the backbone of Cardano as a useful protocol is the Stake Pool Operator (SPO) community.

Secondly, Hoskinson said that due to the billions of dollars attack in the crypto industry, “on-chain governance and secure smart contracts is hard.” Solving this issue, the Cardano community had been working hard to balance their UX with security and fast delivery. Moreover, Cardano founder stressed that the platform has a “lot of wonderful properties, but it is a tough model.” 

Furthermore, he wrote that there are a lot of Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIP) in the process to roll out more inclusive structures that would create formal checks and balances and better rollout of updates. And the community has always been part of that rollout.

I’m also deeply frustrated that we have a fragmented approach to ecosystem development and no accountability structures outside of catalyst to force more rapid and sustainable adoption. Again, this is being addressed, but it’s time-consuming.

Also, he remarked that the Cardano community should reach its “full potential” and if anything goes wrong, it will be extremely frustrating for him.

More importantly, Hoskinson wrote that Cardano had been receiving negative comments from several analysts, regarding its testnet. He said that he hates seeing these and has personal experience with the “damage they cause.”

Hoskinson firmly believes in the features of the Vasil hard fork. He said that this upgrade is the “latest hard fork of an era” and many things would change after it. Vasil upgrade will bring new governance processes, more inclusive structures, more useful code and parallel efforts, and faster development.

He concluded the Twitter post by specifying that there will be an extensive post-mortem of Vasil, and there will be great changes through CIPs and new organizations that represent all the different factions.

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