KuCoin Embraces Security-Focused De.Fi Project, Lists DEFI for Trading

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KuCoin_Embraces_Security_Focused_De_Fi_Project,_Lists_DEFI_for_Trading (2)
  • KuCoin proclaims support for SocialFi and antivirus project De.Fi (DEFI).
  • DEFI tokens can now be deposited on KuCoin, with trading commencing on January 31.
  • De.Fi stands as the pinnacle of Web3 SocialFi and Antivirus solutions.

One of the world’s top 5 centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, KuCoin, has disclosed the listing of De.Fi (DEFI), a Web3 project focused on SocialFi and antivirus. KuCoin made the announcement on its official X handle, saying it would enable the trade of DEFI on its spot trading platform.

According to the blog post, KuCoin has shown full-blown support for the project by kickstarting an immediate deposit process for DEFI. With this, users can send their tokens to the platform via the supported Ethereum Network, ERC20.

Meanwhile, trading activities will begin on Wednesday, January 31, at 10:00 (UTC). The DEFI token would be paired with Tether USD (USDT) stablecoin. After 24 hours, users can table their withdrawal requests on the trading platform.

For those unfamiliar, De.Fi stands as the pinnacle of Web3 SocialFi and Antivirus solutions. Through a blend of accessibility, gamification, and state-of-the-art risk mitigation technology, De.Fi is spearheading the journey to engage the next 100 million investors. The project seeks to uncover once-dormant opportunities.

Over four years, De.Fi pioneered a multitude of security innovations. Notably, its acclaimed De.Fi Antivirus Suite was embraced by prominent platforms like CoinGecko, zkSync, and Fantom. In 2023, De.Fi achieved a monumental milestone by safeguarding over $1.1 billion of users’ assets from potential theft.

Significantly, KuCoin has continued to support emerging crypto projects, having previously listed projects like SAROS, a fast-growing Solana-based crypto project, Manta Network’s Native Token, and Script Network’s watch-to-earn TV platform.

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