More Chainlink (LINK) & Toncoin (TON) Investors See DeeStream (DST) as a 50X Wealth Booster Post-Presale

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More Chainlink (LINK) & Toncoin (TON) Investors See DeeStream (DST) as a 50X Wealth Booster Post-Presale Press Release

What most investors love about crypto investments is their diversity and the ability of token investors to diversify instead of being stuck with one token. In an investment, crypto holders explore varying options that allow them to make a select market decision. Chainlink (LINK) and Toncoin (TON) holders have become the latest to explore the option of arrays of investments.

The global crypto market has been excited about DeeStream (DST) and it has captured varying attention. In stage two, users can get the DeeStream (DST) token for $0.055 with six presales stages available. DeeStream (DST) is on its goal of decentralization and is geared toward becoming a streaming platform similar to Kick, Twitch and Youtube.

Chainlink (LINK) has mostly witnessed a bullish trend until recently, when the bear market took a toll on the token. Trading at $18.25 at time of press, the token’s price has now remained neutral in the last seven days, making it an unpalatable option to trade with at this rate. Market observers have noticed how Chainlink (LINK) has moved on a positive upward trajectory in the last months and hope the token rise in the market hasn’t ended in the hope of a better trading future.

Toncoin (TON): The telegram token

Toncoin (TON) is a decentralized layer one blockchain project that was built in 2018 by Telegram. It focuses on many market qualities and features, including scalability, efficiency, and mass adoption, to establish itself as a market token to watch. In 2024, Toncoin (TON) can be bought for $4.91 at time of press.

Analyst prediction could come through for Toncoin (TON), which was about to reach an all time high recently. In the last seven days, Toncoin (TON) realized a market price peak of $5.1333, shying away from the all time high of $5.2 and could spike soon, as trading continues. Toncoin (TON), in the last seven days, has realized a 37% increase, making it the great token to invest in.

DeeStream (DST) presale brings attention to the crypto market

DeeStream (DST) is known as a new web3 decentralized streaming project that will allow streams to get into the streaming sector without being censored on opinions that are not against the law. The presale has gained attention based on its number of utilities and features, making DeeStream (DST) an investment to get into. The presale has seen many token holders from different projects buying into DeeStream (DST).

As a fully decentralized platform, DeeStream (DST) offers instant deposits and withdrawals while streamers can monetize their platform. DeeStream (DST) has the chance to multiply by 25x—50x and could give Kick and Twitch a run for the money. The platform has attracted arrays of investors, and they will benefit from revenue sharing for creators all around the world.

DeeStream (DST) works by letting users complete a simple form to sign up for an account. Users around the world connect with their favorite streamers, and once an account has been set up, streamers can share their links with fans. Chainlink (LINK) and Toncoin (TON) holders have become the latest to become the platform’s market participants.

Check out the official website of DeeStream (DST) to find out more, here

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