Popular Analyst Shares Latest Developments In The Crypto Space

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Developments In The Crypto Space
  • The Altcoin Buzz channel recently posted a video about some of the newest developments in the crypto space.
  • Chiliz 2.0 and the imminent launch of Sui (IOU) are just some of the topics brought up in this video.
  • The analyst also mentioned the recent announcement about Coinbase’s global exchange launch.

Well-known crypto analyst and Web3 content creator, Cody Buffinton, shared a new video on Altcoin Buzz’s YouTube channel a few hours ago about some of the latest happenings in the crypto space. One of the first points brought up by Buffinton is the Chiliz 2.0 launch.

The analyst explained that the Chiliz 2.0 mainnet will go live in about 8 days. The CEO of the project recently stated that although it might take months for everything to get into full swing for the project, it is still a major step for the Chiliz ecosystem.

The project’s website states that Chiliz 2.0 is exciting because of the fact that it is the first layer-1 blockchain designed specifically for the sports and entertainment industry. Buffinton also revealed that the project will be powered by the Chiliz (CHZ) token.

Also mentioned in the video was the recent tweets between Binance CEO and Justin Sun. In these tweets, Sun was warned by the CEO to not use his TUSD to grab the LaunchPool Sui tokens in the upcoming airdrop. Sun responded to these tweets by stating that it was never his intention to do so.

The Sui token launch on multiple exchanges today is currently one of the most anticipated token launches, according to Buffinton.

Also mentioned in the video is Coinbase’s recent announcement that it will be launching a new global exchange called the Coinbase International exchange. The exchange will begin by offering Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) perpetual futures settled in USDC with up to 5x leverage on institutional clients in eligible jurisdictions outside of the U.S.

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