Rug Pull Finder Fixes Phishing Scammers’ Exploitation, Issues Rectification

Last Updated:
  • Rag Pull Finder resolved exploitation in Bad Guys NFT collection, caused by security instability.
  • The issue created panic and ambiguity among its members, pushing the team into action.
  • RPF fixed the issue and promised its users to raffle off Bad Guys.

Rug Pull Finder tweeted that, upon identifying exploitation in its NFT collection, the team was successful in recapturing it. The NFT watchdog group, RPF, detected grave flaws in their technical stability during the free mint stage.

The security issue with Bad Guys NFT was first reported by the on-chain analyst, @NFTherder, who works in Discord security and NFT audit, after the issue was dictated during minting. 

According to @NFTherder, the Rug Pull Finder’s NFT contract was abused to mint 400 NFTs instead of one per wallet. The mint function lacked the required security checks. 

The news spread quickly, and it revealed the fact that almost half of the free-to-mint Bad Guys NFTs (450 out of 1221) were minted by two users. It was identified that the exploitation occurred due to negligence on some specific issues during a contract audit. 

Nevertheless, the team was explicit and clear about the issues from the beginning through both Twitter and Discord. In a message to its members, RPF announced it would “pay a 2.5ETH reward to the person(s) who mined 400 NFTs”.

Soon after the problem was noted, the team looked forward to solving the issue. They decided to distribute the NFTs; 10 Bad Guys to Twitter Space, 17 to Bad Guys Vault, 203 to the RPF Sale Wallet Collection List, and 100 to RPF Friends Project. 

Though several people are concerned about the security instability, the RPF team addressed the issue transparently and expressed their interest in moving forward with their vast project.