SBF Slams Cointelegraph for ‘Wrong’ Article on FTX Halting ETH Transactions

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ETH trading will stay on through merge
  • FTX CEO lashes at crypto publisher Cointelegraph for misreporting an announcement.
  • Cointelegraph reported that FTX would be halting ETH trading during the upcoming merge.
  • The FTX CEO stated that ETH trading will remain live.

Sam Bankman-Fried, the CEO, and founder of major cryptocurrency exchange FTX, recently went on Twitter to slam cryptocurrency publisher Cointelegraph, stating that the news portal is “garbage sometimes.”

The issue seems to be regarding a recent article, entitled “FTX to halt Ethereum trades on Arbitrum, Solana, BSC for the ETH Merge.” In the article, the publisher reported that despite the promise of zero downtime by Ethereum developers, FTX allegedly chose to suspend trading on various blockchains until the Ethereum merge was successfully concluded.

The article stated:

While Ethereum devs promised no downtime during The Merge, one of the most anticipated Ethereum upgrades, members of the crypto community decided to take proactive measures to ensure the safety of investor funds. In this effort, crypto exchange FTX announced to halt all Ether (ETH) trades on various blockchains until the September upgrade concludes.

The FTX CEO argued that this article is “wrong” and Ethereum trading on FTX will remain live throughout the merge.

The article also mentions a list of what it calls “FTX’s official timelines of halting ETH trades,” with its source being cited as just ‘FTX’ without any backlinks. The website did provide a screenshot of an FTX announcement on “temporary ETH disablement.”

Earlier today, FTX made an announcement on their official website, stating that the exchange would be suspending deposits and withdrawals for Ethereum on the Arbitrum, Solana, and BSC blockchains.

In the announcement, FTX mentions the same timeline cited by Cointelegraph. However, it was regarding the suspension of deposits and withdrawals and had no mention of trading.

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