SEC vs. Ripple Case: Lawyer John Deaton Takes a Dig at SEC Lawyers

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SEC vs. Ripple Case: Lawyer John Deaton Takes a Dig at SEC Lawyers
  • Crypto lawyer John Deaton has taken a dig at the SEC’s request for additional time.
  • The SEC has asked for more time to respond to amici curiae briefs.
  • Ripple alleges that this is an attempt to further delay the resolution of the case.

CryptoLaw founder John Deaton earlier today tweeted that he believes it is both pathetic and embarrassing that SEC lawyers, with “all their Ivy League Law Degrees and wealth of experience” in securities laws, need more time to respond to the “Twitter Lawyer.” This is a reference to Deaton himself.

The sarcastic statement was in response to lawyer James K Filan’s tweet where he stated that the Ripple defendants were objecting to the SEC’s suggestion that they will seek additional time or pages if other amici curiae submit briefs. “This is yet another transparent attempt to further delay resolution of this case and the Court should reject it,” stated representatives of Ripple labs. 

In the Twitter thread, Deaton also stated:

The threat to cause another delay in this case is mean and cruel to the people they swore to protect. They know that more delay (even slight) will cause some #XRPHolders anxiety. That’s why they said it. Or, they want to rush or rattle me. But I’m from the hood. I don’t rattle.

The SEC has had a longstanding issue with Deaton especially since the popular crypto lawyer has appeared as the Amicus Curiae for Ripple. Earlier in July, the SEC, in a heavily redacted letter, had alleged threats against their expert. They had then asked Judge Torres to revoke amici status granted to XRP Holders, also requesting to bar Deaton from any further participation in the case.

However, it looks like the SEC might not have much power in the crypto space for too long as the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has started to gain the upper hand in cryptocurrency regulations in the US.

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