Shiba Inu Community Thanked Ryoshi and Took Action for SHIB ETF

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SHIB ETF Talk Heats Up, Can It Reach $0.0001?
  • The SHIB Army is urging Grayscale to launch the SHIB ETF.
  • The Shiba Inu community extends thanks to the project’s creator, Ryoshi.
  • The Shiba Inu (SHIB) price has declined by 0.7% to $0.00000955.

SHIB ARMY launched a campaign for Grayscale to launch a SHIB ETF. SHIB ARMY gathered 723 signatures in the campaign started on The goal was set at 1,000 signatures. Today, a total of 623 signatures have been collected.

In its campaign, SHIB ARMY explained why a SHIB ETF should be launched under these 4 headings: “Market Demand Indicators, Enhancing Accessibility and Investment Exposure, Adherence to Regulatory Standards and Ensuring Security, and Leadership in the Market.”

During these developments, Lucie, the social media marketing manager of the Shiba Inu project, shared a post on X, thanking Ryoshi, the creator of the Shiba Inu (SHIB) projects, and reminding the SHIB community of some fundamental values.

The social media marketing manager reposted a share on X originally posted by @shibarium_. Lucie expressed gratitude to @shibarium_ for reminding everyone of the beautiful values. The shared image appears to be upside down with the words ‘look at the soul’. Additionally, the image depicts a samurai cat ready to draw its katana.

Ryoshi parted ways with the Shiba Inu community in late May 2022 by deleting all Twitter (X) posts and all posts from his personal blog. Ryoshi’s @RyoshiResearch account is still active on X, but no posts have been made.

Previously, Shiba Inu’s creator Ryoshi told the SHIB community that it doesn’t matter and that one day he would go away without notice, saying, ‘Take SHIB and embark on an upward journey.’

In conclusion, the Shiba Inu community stated that Grayscale should review these requests. At the time of writing, Shiba Inu’s SHIB token is trading at $0.00000955, a 0.7% decrease in the last 24 hours. The 24-hour trading volume is standing at $137 million, showing a 30% increase.

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