Shiba Inu DEX ShibaSwap is Moving to Conquer Ethereum and Shibarium

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Shiba Inu DEX ShibaSwap is Moving to Conquer Ethereum and Shibarium
  • ShibaSwap is going multi-chain to conquer the Shibarium and Ethereum spaces.
  • Previously, ShibaSwap operated exclusively as a DEX on Ethereum but has now transitioned to Shibarium.
  • While the community awaits ShibaSwap 2.0., the SHIB team plans to release version 1.75 sooner.

Lucie, the content specialist of Shiba Inu, has affirmed that ShibaSwap’s migration to Shibarium does not mean abandoning the Ethereum blockchain. Instead, the Shiba Inu decentralized trading platform is going multi-chain to conquer both the Shibarium space alongside Ethereum.

“ShibaSwap is going multi-chain, operating on both Shibarium and Ethereum,” proclaimed the Shiba Inu official in a recent post on X.

Previously, ShibaSwap operated exclusively as a decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain. The DEX made its debut in July 2021, at the height of the last bull season, and has been a pivotal platform for SHIB trading. Now, ShibaSwap is transitioning to a multi-chain platform. This development comes eight months after the launch of the Shibarium.

Notably, the Shiba Inu team first disclosed the migration of ShibaSwap to Shibarium on April 27.

Its migration to Shibarium brings forth a host of new offerings tailored for SHIB enthusiasts. These features, primarily geared towards dApp activities, include bolstered liquidity pools and refined DeFi functionalities.

Additionally, ShibaSwap incorporates community-specific activities such as token voting competitions, enhancing engagement within the ecosystem.

Meanwhile, in the latest update regarding ShibaSwap’s transition to a multi-chain platform, the Shiba Inu representative emphasized that everything is still in the development phase, and the ultimate iteration of this evolution will emerge in due time.

Lucie reminded the community to bear in mind that development is an ongoing process. She stressed that while the launch of Shibarium marks a significant milestone, it is merely the initial stride in a continuous journey of enhancements and advancements.

Upcoming developments specific to ShibaSwap include the launch of its version 2.0, although the ecosystem leader Shytoshi Kusama has recently suggested that version 1.75 may surface before 2.0.

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