Solana Shines with Token Extensions, But Can It Outshine Barbie’s Glamor?

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  • Solana takes the first position in developer and user integration with one token extension on the public chain. 
  • Barbie Girl memecoin pays homage to Barbie dolls, which the world loves.
  • BBG boasts a total supply of 7000+ billion tokens, with 80% allocated to the liquidity pool and sales and 20% to marketing. 

Solana became the first to introduce developer and user integration in one token extension on a public chain. Among the dozen functionalities in token extensions, Transfer hooks, Confidential transfers, and Permanent delegates were the highlights. These token extensions provide issuers with tools to retain regulatory compliance and further help the issuers freeze and seize assets that have fallen into the wrong hands. 

Meanwhile, the Barbie Girl meme coin entered the crypto area on October 31, 2023, paying homage to the universally-loved Barbie doll. After a tantalizing teaser campaign on various social media platforms, Barbie Girl took its dazzling bow in the crypto arena, becoming a formidable competitor to other coins. 

During the run-up to the grand launch, on October 27, the Barbie Girl meme coin presented an airdrop. During this airdrop, BBG offered investors and traders the chance to claim 4 trillion BBG tokens, setting the stage for an enchanting journey.

BBG boasts a total supply of 7,000+ billion tokens, with 80% allocated to the liquidity pool and sales and 20% to marketing. Currently, the coin is available for presale, offering a 100% bonus on purchases.

Crypto enthusiasts and Barbie Girl lovers can secure their share by acquiring the token through the Barbie Girl website. The process is simple; buyers need to connect their MetaMask wallet, choose their desired amount, and utilize the BBG/BNB trading pair for their purchase.

The website features a “Spin the Wheel” event, where buyers have the chance to win 1 million BBG, 10 million BBG, 100 million BBG, 1 billion BBG, or an iPhone 15 Pro Max. To be eligible for the event, buyers need to make a minimum $10 purchase of BBG. The meme coin utilizes the BEP-20 standard on the BNB Smart Chain and is currently traded with BNB as its pair.

Furthermore, Barbie announced its first collaboration with Zealy, a platform where you complete missions, earn rewards, and climb the leaderboard. 

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