Solana Wants To See Ethereum Merge Succeed: Solana Co-Founder

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Solana Co-Founder
  • Co-founder of Solana says it’s good for the onlookers to see big upgrades in the crypto space to succeed.
  • Solana’s Web3 mobile phone, Saga, has almost sold out.
  • The Solana ecosystem is evolving as its own culture: says the co-founder.

Solana wants the much-anticipated Ethereum Merge to succeed, according to Raj Gokal, chief operating officer at technology company Solana Labs. The tech leader said this in an interview, on Tuesday.

Gokal believes it’s good for observers of the crypto industry to see big upgrades, projects and releases in the digital space to succeed. Gokal also believes The Merge could be the beginning of the blockchain’s expansion on a broader scale.

In the interview, Gokal stated that Ethereum is probably the largest by mindshare for NFT projects as an ecosystem and its switch to proof-of-stake is a really good thing as it will encourage major brands to adopt NFTs because they will feel more comfortable introducing the NFTs to their customers once the protocol is less harmful to the environment.

“It’s one step for Ethereum in a long road map toward having the type of scalability that Solana has today,” Gokal added. Solana currently operates under the proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol. Later this week, The Merge will switch Ethereum to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, replacing the current proof-of-work mechanism.

The COO of Solana stated:

Solana ecosystem of NFT projects and brands is evolving as its own culture that doesn’t seem to be stopping and has this relentless growth pattern even through big market cycles.

Furthermore, Solana announced a new Web3 phone – Saga. The network developed a mobile software development kit and is focusing its efforts on new innovations to integrate crypto into mobile with gaming and metaverse experiences. Talking about Solana Saga, which was “almost sold out”, Gokal pointed out:

Given the last year of explosive growth in usage, and the fact that crypto is arguably going more mainstream, we expected Apple would be launching crypto-native features in iPhone 13 and that Google [and] Samsung would be doing the same.

Solana, the fifth-largest layer-one blockchain, is anticipating a number of major developments, the most recent of which is the potential merger with the Helium Network, a popular Internet-of-things crypto project.

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