Telegram’s Wallet Bot Enhances Exchange Interface With BTC Support

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Telegram Wallet Bot BTC Support
  • Wallet bot on Telegram now supports BTC and offers access to other digital currencies.
  • Users must verify their account with a phone number to use @Wallet for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.
  • Telegram’s estimated user base for April 2023 is 1.068 billion, with over 700 million monthly active users as of June 2022.

The Wallet bot on Telegram made an announcement on April 21 stating that Bitcoin support had been added to its web interface. According to the development team, the digital currency was previously only available on the text bot. With this new update, all @wallet users can now fully utilize the web interface, as explained in the announcement on Telegram.

As per a report from April 2023, Telegram remains highly popular among cryptocurrency enthusiasts with an estimated user base of 1.068 billion. Additionally, News has verified the addition of BTC to the @wallet bot on Telegram, which also offers access to other digital currencies such as TON and USDT.

Moreover, the @wallet bot on Telegram requires users to verify their account with a phone number in order to buy, sell, and deposit cryptocurrencies through the app. Additionally, the latest update to the exchange interface has been enhanced, as noted by the Wallet bot team.

The announcement further noted,

One of the most significant new features for the platform is the updated exchange interface. With this new wallet exchange, you can now instantly swap BTC, USDT, and TON at favorable rates.

In April 2022, TON was the only cryptocurrency that could be transferred between Telegram users, but now BTC and USDT are also supported. Currently, the @wallet bot allows for the transfer of three types of digital currencies among Telegram users.

Meanwhile, Techcrunch has reported that as of June 2022, Telegram had over 700 million monthly active users, marking a significant increase from the 500 million monthly active users recorded in January 2021.