Tether Wants Roche Freedman Terminated From Class Action Lawsuit

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  • Tether wants Roche Freedman removed from a case due to allegations against the law firm.
  • Allegedly, law firm Roche Freedman has been abusing investor class actions to help a corporate client, Ava Labs.
  • Crypto Leaks, a crypto-related news website published video footage of the firm admitting they used investor cases to target Ava Labs’ competitors.

USDT-issuer Tether wants the law firm Roche Freedman removed from Bitfinex and Tether’s lawsuit. Tether demands the legal counsel return or destroy all documents shared by the defendant and prove it wasn’t forwarded to external sources.

The termination request was issued via a court order by Elliot Greenfield of Debevoise & Plimpton LLP, representing Tether and Bitfinex, on Aug 31, 2022. The attorneys requested confirmation that no defendant-issued documents were shared with Ava Labs.

Roche Freedman is infamous for suing major cryptocurrency issuers and exchanges on behalf of investors. In video clips published on the website Crypto Leaks, Kyle Roche was seen admitting that the firm uses the investor cases to sue competitors of Ava Labs, where Roche and partners had a financial stake.

However, Kyle Roche defended himself and the firm, stating that the video was illegally procured and edited by someone working with a person he sued.

But the statement has not been enough because Tether’s legal representatives expressed severe concerns that Kyle Roche was “abusing the discovery process” and “misusing information” in exchange for AVAX tokens, the governance token of Avalanche platform, and Ava Labs equity.

Moreover, Greenfield said they are right to have concerns since Roche Freedman “has served a number of document requests seeking information that has no apparent link to the claims and defenses in this lawsuit.”

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