The End of Memecoin Monopoly: NFTFN Rises as the New Standard in Crypto

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The End of Memecoin Monopoly: NFTFN Rises as the New Standard in Crypto Press Release

Memecoins have become a staple of crypto investment portfolios since Dogecoin’s introduction. These assets can turn a few hundred dollars into hundreds of thousands over a few days. The most recent example includes the BOME (Book of Meme) token, with users converting insignificant amounts into massive returns within a week through its presale. The past few years have shown the same with PEPE, SHIB, and DOGE.

With high return value in short periods, memecoins have grown to monopolize the crypto market. A quick look at the crypto charts and trade volumes will show how they presently dominate the market. And this is not an isolated incident. Memecoins lead by trade volumes and interaction at the start of every crypto bull run.

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However, crypto users must be aware of the risks they breed due to their volatility. Their prices can tank as quickly as they shoot up, leaving many investors picking up the scraps when they put their money into the assets due to apparent FOMO. One way to avoid getting burned by these assets is to refrain from indulging in unknown meme-based assets, which can go bust at any time.

Those looking for tokens driven by similar hype can turn to newly launched altcoins backed by unshakeable utility. Projects with revolutionary utility freshly entering the market can generate the same hype as memecoins while displaying robust price action affected by their utility. Memecoins do not come with that capability, making utility tokens rising in popularity better investments.

A New Utility-Based Token Looks to Outperform Memecoins

The NFTFN token is one such asset with the potential to move interest from memecoins towards itself in the coming months. It holds steadfast utility by acting as the vehicle to pay fees, insure against liquidations, and generate staking rewards on its namesake platform, NFTFN. The unshakeable utility it finds in this next-gen platform will make it a top altcoin by the end of the year.

The NFTFN platform is a trading venue set to debut shortly, with the NFTFN token available through phase 1 of its presale at a meager price point of $0.025. That price will multiply several times over with the platform’s launch and definite adoption. Experts looking into the platform are confident about its adoption because of its potential to transform the NFT market through its novel trading offerings.

The NFTFN Platform’s Use Cases Will Take Its Utility Token to the Top of the Charts

It reshapes the trading capabilities offered by any NFT marketplace by facilitating trading through its NFT index. The index comprises top-dollar NFTs from blue-chip collections, providing users with nothing but the best of the NFT market. Users trade portions of the index rather than the NFTs themselves, maintaining exposure to the price movements of all NFT assets in the index. Thus, they do not rely on a single NFT for their profits, interacting with the mean of all assets in the index.

That ensures users remain protected against the price drops of any single or a few assets. Well-performing NFTs in the index even it out, allowing users to hedge their trades against the unattractive performances of some assets. Users can remain protected from volatile market movements and interact with NFTs safely through NFTFN.

Also, the platform vets every NFT making it to its index by verifying various factors, including the robustness of their price movements, the fundamentals of the projects, and the teams issuing the assets. NFTFN further increases safety with these measures, ensuring users avoid not-so-well-known projects that often tank in value or reveal themselves as rug pulls.

The best part about the platform is its low entry barrier. Users can start their trading journey with just $10. This marks a massive shift in the NFT market, as top NFTs were only available to those with capital. Now, everyone can indulge in blue-chip NFTs and reap rewards from the best assets in the NFT market. Users can get started on the platform with $10 or more to gain exposure to the NFTs through perpetual futures contracts and navigate market movements by going long or short on the index.

The platform also integrates other assets besides NFTs through their own indices, like ERC-20 tokens, RWAs, and Bitcoin Ordinals, making the options as diverse as possible for traders. Trading any asset class is as fair and open as possible by using a DEX to carry out all trades and a transparent orderbook that lets traders check bids and asks to verify trading prices. Moreover, it provides 10X leverage potential for those wanting to maximize profits in their positions.

Investing in the NFTFN Token Will Transform Portfolios More Than Any Memecoin Investment Can

The NFTFN token, central to this cutting-edge NFT platform, will jump in price when the platform observes adoption. In the meantime, traders will go big on the token, getting its price movements thriving even before the platform’s launch. So, the token’s presale pricing of $0.025 is a steal for those wanting to get their hands on it for eventual gains.

The emergence of the NFTFN platform and token will mark the end of the memecoin monopoly as investors turn to the NFTFN token before considering memecoins.


NFTFN is the go-to platform for perpetual trading of diverse assets like Blue-Chip NFTs, Crypto, and Real-World Assets. With a minimum investment of just $10, users can easily take long or short positions on their chosen asset class, catering to traders of all levels.

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