Tron Founder Heads Up on Ethereum Merge, Promotes USDD Coin

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Tron Founder Heads Up on Ethereum Merge
  • TRON Founder Justin Sun speaks on Ethereum’s PoW merge.
  • He said in a video that he would offer USDD stablecoin on the platform.
  • Ethereum had already implemented the Goerli testnet in the past day.

Following the successful implementation of the new testnet for Ethereum, Justin Sun, founder of TRON Network, has come up with his statements on the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

In a Twitter video by TRON DAO, the founder remarked that there are two ETH networks—Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS), which will prove what the crypto market needs the most.

Specifically, Sun explained his case of Ethereum implementing PoW despite the availability of PoS. He said that if The Merge works as planned, “PoW would provide a very good foundation for Ethereum infrastructure.”

In detail, the crypto entrepreneur opined that ETH would be recreated as a faster and less expensive blockchain. If the plan works, contrastingly, Sun has pledged to subsidize the EthereumPoW.

Additionally, Sun looks forward to making his USDD stablecoin the first stablecoin in the PoW ecosystem. Earlier, he had announced that his crypto platform, Poloniex, would be the first to provide native currency for the PoW.

In the video, Sun stressed that no other stablecoin issuers, according to his knowledge, have yet backed the EthereumPoW.

Looking at the PoW merge of ETH, the platform earlier announced the completion of the Goerli testnet implementation. This testnet is the last rehearsal before Ethereum switches from a PoW consensus to a PoS one. Also, this is the last one in the queue for PoS transition. Adding on, the testnet Merge with Prater testnet was the final step before the merge.

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