Uniswap Blocks 253 Crypto Wallets Associated with Recent Hacks

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Uniswap Blocks 253 Crypto Wallets Associated with Recent Hacks
  • Uniswap had blocked 253 crypto wallets involved in hacks.
  • The dex platform integrated with TRM Labs to release details about these wallets.
  • 12% of the 253 blocked addresses are ENS domains.

Decentralized exchange Uniswap has reportedly blocked 253 cryptocurrency addresses linked with hacks and government sanctions. After working with blockchain intelligence company TRM Labs, Uniswap released these data retrieved from Github and based on the recent involvement of the addresses in hacks.

Additionally, the blocked wallets have also allegedly been involved in Tornado Cash DAO, stolen funds, and other mixing services. Specifically, Tornado Cash was recently shut down as it failed to battle the US authorities’ penalty on money laundering happening on the platform.   

Notably, Uniswap blocked the crypto wallets after its four months of association with TRM Labs. Also, this is the first time the decentralized exchange blocked the wallets on its platform.

In detail, software developer and contributor of Yearn Finance Banteg tweeted on August 19: “Uniswap has provided an unusual level of transparency for their frontend censoring via TRM Labs.”

Banteg reported that among the 253 blocked addresses, 30 (12%) are Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain names and there are two risk levels and seven different risk factor categories. The four important categories are stolen funds, sanctioned addresses, funds from a transaction mixer, and funds from a known scam.

Meanwhile, the remaining categories are terrorist financing funds and funds from known hacker groups.

“Both ownership and being a counterparty of a “bad” address are checked and can contribute to blocking,” tweeted Banteg.

Furthermore, the developer platform noted that some blocked addresses “live an interesting life”, appearing on all lists, which sounds like a  “very unlikely combination of criminal activities.”

Uniswap (UNI) is currently trading at $7.12, with a slight spike of 0.06% in the past 24 hours. Reports show that UNI had lost over 20% value in the past week.

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