Users Can Earn Money By ‘Staking Into NFTs’: Says Cradles Team

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  • Cradles’ new SIN system is letting its users earn money by investing in their favourite players via NFTs.
  • Users can stake into very rare NFT game collectables that are owned by popular gamers and earn money if the gamer wins.
  • Cradles’ new SIN approach is gaining popularity fast in the play-2-earn community.

The upcoming game Cradles: Origin of Species is enabling users to earn money through their SIN system. SIN, also known as “Staking into NFTs” lets users participate in another player’s game by backing a rare NFT artefact and then earning money if the player wins the game.

CMO of Cradles, Tib Palin explained the need for a shift in the play-2-earn gaming industry through staking NFTs to make the economy more sustainable. The previous model of NFT staking systems pushed users to make significant amounts of monetary investments and speculative buying, which is why it has been struggling.

With the new SIN system, Cradles breaks the cycle of needing new money to keep P2E games alive and instead allows users to save time and energy.

Skilled gamers drive a big crowd, attracting thousands of viewers each stream. However, the majority of the audiences are not proficient enough to reach higher ranks quickly and don’t have the time to find rare weapons either. Instead, through the SIN system, users can skip hours of gaming, and directly stake into the players. The rewards are distributed amongst all who backed the winning player.

Cradles’ CEO TY shared his vision for the future when it comes to the Cradles community,

In Cradles, we envision a community of gamers sold to the experience of a game world that they can have an active role in.

He expressed that while creating new P2E games with a focus on breeding rare breeds and new tokens is tempting, players will inevitably lose encouragement to participate and stop contributing to the game ultimately without a more dynamic involvement.

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