Meatless and EcoNex Take Top Honors at VeChain Hackathon: Can They Boost VET Adoption?

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VeChain Declares Meatless and EcoNex Winners in Recent Hackathon
  • VeChain has announced Meatless and EcoNex winners of its recent hackathon at the University of Cambridge.
  • The hackathon awarded winners a portion of $30,000 and an opportunity to access additional funding.
  • Meatless and EcoNex additions to the VeChain ecosystem could boost VET’s value.

VeChain, an enterprise-grade L1 public blockchain, has announced Meatless and EcoNex winners of its recent hackathon hosted at the University of Cambridge. VeChain hosted the hackathon in partnership with Web3 educational mobile app EasyA and with participation from Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a global consulting firm.

The hackathon aimed to encourage the development of the VeBetterDAO, a VeChain-powered sustainable ecosystem for incentivizing enterprises and individuals with the B3TR incentive token for positive impact.

The hackathon awarded winners a portion of $30,000 in prize money and an opportunity to access additional funding. The panel of judges determining the winners of the exercise include Dr. Bernhard Kronfellner, Partner and co-lead of the digital asset and blockchain group at Boston Consulting Group, and Mark Miller, CEO & Co-Founder of Manta Ray EV. They assessed the participants on their ability to address the developer tracks outlined for the hackathon, namely, X-2-Earn sustainability applications leveraging the B3TR token.

As a winner in the hackathon, Meatless incentivizes people to make sustainable food choices by rewarding them with B3TR. Doing so allows the application to combat unsustainable food production at no cost to food manufacturers. The project achieves this by indirectly subsidizing their products while enabling sponsors to have an attributable direct impact. 

On its part, EcoNex rewards users with the B3TR token as an incentive for opting for eco-friendly commuting options. The application aims to combat the effects of urban congestion, including higher commute times, loss of productivity, excessive fuel consumption, and a significant carbon footprint.

Crypto community members consider Meatless and EcoNex significant additions to the VeChain ecosystem. Their impact on VET, the VeChain ecosystem’s native token, remains to be seen and would depend on the projects’ development and adoption.

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