Wall Street Expert Identifies May 2024 as ‘Best Date’ for Ripple’s IPO

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  • Wall Street expert Linda Jones proclaimed May 2024 the best date for Ripple’s IPO.
  • Jones concluded based on the anticipated boom coming to the IPO market next year.
  • Whale Chart pondered the possibility of XRP reaching $10 amid the Ripple IPO speculation.

Linda Jones, a Wall Street financial expert, has provided precise calendar dates for the crypto community to anticipate the initiation of Ripple’s Initial Public Offering (IPO). The financial expert expressed conviction about the dates during a recent fireside chat with the pre-IPO investment platform Linqto. 

Jones specifically cited two dates while discussing the potential timeline for Ripple‘s transformation into a publicly traded company through an IPO. She provided two outlooks: one in May 2024 and the other in 2025.

Jones suggested that Ripple might not have an immediate need for funds through an IPO. However, she highlighted that Ripple’s executives could face pressure to pursue an IPO due to investor preferences for such an exit strategy.

Additionally, the financial expert argued that a combination of factors, such as an anticipated bull market resulting from reduced inflation and interest rates, could create a favorable environment for companies to go public next year.

As a result, Jones expressed confidence in a robust IPO market in 2024. She argued that the projected market boom provides a strategic window for companies to exploit favorable market conditions.

Given the projected surge in the IPO market in 2024, the financial expert contends that May 15, 2024, is the optimal date for Ripple to make its initial public offering. Moreover, Jones emphasized that if Ripple does not proceed with the IPO in May, there might not be any other suitable dates for a public offering in 2024. She specifically argued that Ripple would postpone its IPO until 2025 in such a scenario.

Interestingly, the pinpointed date has sparked a bullish projection from the crypto community around the value of XRP. Crypto analyst WhaleChart pondered the possibility of XRP reaching $10 amid Ripple IPO speculation. “Can it drive the XRP price to $10?” the X user asked.

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