Which Crypto Next To Skyrocket: Cardano, XRP or Under-Radar FITFI?

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Step App (FITFI) Press Release

Bitcoin price falls have caused a massive $660 million crypto liquidation. This uncertain financial climate creates a question: which crypto will skyrocket next? As eyes fall onto the promising ones like Cardano and XRP, others are considering under-radar options like FITFI. With such unpredictability, understanding these options could be crucial.

Step App (FITFI): Fitness and Finance Fusion

Imagine a world where your daily run or walk not only boosts your health but also your virtual wallet. With Step App, your regular jog can net you anywhere from 5$ to 50$ per session! As a trailblazer in the FitFi realm, Step masterfully blends physical fitness with financial savvy, catering to health enthusiasts and crypto fans alike. Regardless of your experience with Web3, managing your earnings is effortless. And for those looking to boost their earnings, subscriptions are there to amplify your rewards and personalize your in-app experience.

Transform Your Steps into Tangible Rewards with Step App

In Step, the magic lies in the FITFI and KCAL tokens, which hold the potential to appreciate over time due to the app’s vibrant, contest-filled community and constant innovation. Whether it’s upgrading your workout gear with KCAL or unlocking exclusive features with FITFI, these tokens are ready to enhance your fitness journey. In 2024, Step is gearing up to unveil even more exciting features and airdrops, ensuring that both the community and the value of its tokens keep thriving.

Step Up Your Game – Join Now!

ADA Price Analysis: Upward Movement Predicted despite Mixed Market Indicators

ADA’s current price lingers near the nearest resistance level, which at $0.75 could hint at short-term upward movements. If this momentum carries, breaking past the second resistance at $0.85 might be within reach. Through it all, neutral indications from RSI and Stochastic suggest balance. However, the MACD’s recommendation to sell and a 10-day SMA lagging at $0.74 signify caution.

The 100-day SMA advocates a purchase, positioning the current rate of $0.73 favourably in the long-term scenario. recording at $0.59. ADA’s price has stayed well above the nearest and second support levels at $0.52 and $0.38, respectively. This strength, coupled with ADA’s exclusion from the new Grayscale fund, could spur investor interest and provide a potential price lift.

Ripple and Tranglo Partnership Could Boost XRP’s Price

The partnership between Ripple and Tranglo could fuel XRP’s price rise. Its current price hovers at $0.63, considered optimistic for long-term investors with strong support at $0.51 and $0.43. The simple moving averages reinforce this view, especially the 100-day SMA at $0.58, indicating a potential buy signal.

Conversely, the immediate future appears murky for XRP. The market shows neutrality, indicated by the RSI and Stochastic RSI. The MACD recommends a sell action, reflecting skepticism about XRP’s short-term growth. The current price is near the closest resistance level at $0.64, presenting a possible challenge. The second resistance level at $0.70 may provide further turbulence.


In the wake of a significant Bitcoin-led crypto liquidation, the financial community speculates on which cryptocurrency might be the next to experience a surge. Among the contenders are established players like Cardano (ADA) and XRP, and emerging options like FITFI from Step App, which integrates fitness with finance. Step App stands out by rewarding users for physical activity, indicating potential for growth amid a fitness-conscious demographic. ADA shows promise with potential for short-term gains despite mixed signals, while XRP’s partnership with Tranglo could bolster its price, albeit with near-term uncertainties. The unique proposition of FITFI, coupled with the steady outlook for ADA and XRP, presents a diversified landscape for potential investors navigating the unpredictable crypto market.

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