XDC Network Partners with SBI Group’s  SBI VC Trade Co. Ltd

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XDC Network Partners with SBI Group’s  SBI VC Trade Co. Ltd
  • XDC Network partnered with SBI VC Trade Co. Ltd to establish its services in Japan.
  • The blockchain protocol intends to flourish as a leader in blockchain solutions.
  • XDC’s co-founder commented on the opportunities in Japan, conveying his delight in flourishing the firm’s services there.

The open-source blockchain protocol XDC Network has announced its partnership with the SBI Group’s crypto exchange SBI VC Trade Co. Ltd, in an attempt to establish itself as a global leader in blockchain solutions by bringing digital transformation in the finance sector.

Atul Khekade, the co-founder of XDC Network, shared his ecstasy in collaborating with SBI, commenting on the vast opportunities in Japan. He quoted:

Japan is a crucial hub for international trade, and our blockchain platform aims to streamline this sector by improving transparency, traceability, and reducing costs. Through our collaboration with SBI VC Trade, we look forward to empowering businesses and financial institutions in Japan with the benefits of the XDC Network.

XDC Network has been invested in developing its ecosystem since its beginning. Its partnerships and developments have been demonstrative of its enthusiasm for building a robust network. Recently, the XDC Network announced the launch of the DAO framework, DAOFIN, marking its initiative toward decentralization.

Fumiki Ozaki, the President of SBI VC Trade, commented that the company is delighted to expand its crypto offerings by partnering with XDC. He added:

XDC Network brings a unique value proposition to the trade finance market, and we believe its addition will enhance our customers’ trading experience. SBI VC Trade remains committed to providing comprehensive services that prioritize customer satisfaction, and this partnership with XDCNetwork aligns perfectly with our customer-centric philosophy.

By partnering with SBI, XDC Network has foreseen the economy’s establishment in Japan, flourishing as a leading blockchain protocol providing services to enterprises and financial institutions.