‘XRP Is Centralized’: Claims El Salvador President’s Bitcoin Advisor

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  • Bitcoin advisor Max Keiser tweeted earlier today that XRP is centralized.
  • The allegation was made based on a patent that doesn’t mention digital assets and origins from 1991.
  • The XRP community called out Keiser and claimed that the patent has no connection with XRP.

On September 24, Volcano Energy’s co-founder and crypto expert, Max Keiser tweeted that XRP is centralized. Keiser, also a Bitcoin advisor to El Salvador’s president, shared a screenshot of a United States patent created by Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer David Schwartz, dated June 18, 1991.

The patent, which doesn’t mention digital assets, pertained to a computer system comprising numerous interconnected personal computers collaborating to execute tasks, possibly alluding to the foundational distributed ledger technology supporting modern cryptocurrencies. However, the XRP community in Keiser’s comment section is claiming that he is “confused as usual.”

Meanwhile, Principal Developer Advocate at Protocol Labs, Matt Hamilton highlighted that “That has nothing to do with XRP.” He added that Keiser should at least fact-check the timeline before making accusations. Additionally, another XRP Community member noted,

The abstract on the patent clearly states it is for distributing computer processes onto multiple computers and says absolutely nothing about cryptocurrencies. LOL

The XRP community’s dedication has previously been praised by famous crypto lawyer John Deaton. In a tweet from September 24, the attorney asserted that the XRP Army can be credited with pioneering what he referred to as “Decentralized Justice.”

US District Judge Analisa Torres’ ruling in favor of Ripple Labs against US SEC’s lawsuit in July marked a significant victory for the crypto community. Moreover, it sparked a surge in the price of XRP by over 25%, reaching $0.8875, its highest point in 52 weeks. Therefore, to celebrate the win, Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, announced plans to host a “proper victory party” on September 29 in New York City. The event is set to reflect Ripple’s growing confidence in navigating its ongoing legal challenges and acknowledge the support provided by the Ripple community during challenging times.

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