BitBoy Crypto Ends: Team Embarks on New Beginning After Controversy

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BitBoy Crypto Ends: Team Embarks on New Beginning After Controversy
  • BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel rebrands to “Discover Crypto” following the departure of former host Ben Armstrong.
  • The team said the departure was made necessary by Armstrong’s removal, which could hurt the channel.
  • Ben Armstrong has also made a social media comeback with new accounts on X and YouTube.

BitBoy Crypto YouTube Channel has rebranded to “Discover Crypto” following weeks of internal disputes and the departure of former host and prominent crypto influencer Ben Armstrong. The team made this announcement in a video posted on YouTube titled “The END of BitBoy CRYPTO (WHAT Comes NEXT?)

According to the video, the channel’s rebranding was necessitated by the removal of Ben Armstrong, which the team acknowledged would affect the channel. Additionally, TJ Shedds, CEO of BitBoy Crypto, said the video was a chance for the team to tell their side of the story. 

While referencing several statements and interviews by Armstrong, TJ Shedds said the allegations and accusations are much more than they have revealed. He also countered that unlike mentioned by Armstrong, the team at the channel are not there against their own accord.

In what many have described as a coup, Armstrong was forced to leave Hit Network/BJ Investment holdings and all its subsidiary brands, including BitBoy Crypto. Even though there is limited knowledge of what caused his departure from the company, a trail of accusations and allegations has emerged since then.

Armstrong had all his social media accounts taken from him after his eviction from the company. Furthermore, he has also opened up about his struggles with “diet pills and steroid abuse.”

However, Armstrong appears unfettered by the controversies, making a comeback with accounts on X – formerly Twitter – and YouTube. His profile on X reads, “Don’t call me BitBoy anymore. My name is Ben Armstrong.”

Through his new social media accounts, Armstrong has repeatedly distanced himself from BitBoy Crypto. He has also shared his struggles with many followers, including several properties he has since lost.

At present, his new X account has over 26,000 followers. Likewise, his new YouTube account has amassed over 35,700 subscribers despite posting just two videos.