BTC on Rising Wedge, But Could Tap Below $10k Support: Schiff

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●  Economist Peter Schiff says that BTC might test a support level of $10,000.

●  He analyzed some bearish patterns such as double top for BTC.

●  The coin is currently trading at $24,000.

Economist and founder of SchiffGold Peter Schiff has pointed out a bleak perspective on BTC trade. He screened the weekly trading chart of BTC and indicated that the pattern remains very “bearish,” in a way that there is both a “double top and a head and shoulders top.” He focused on a “rising wedge” pattern forming below the neckline and stated that the minimum support level for BTC will be below $10,000. 

Trading chart of BTC in Schiff’s perspective
BTC/USDT- Weekly Trading Chart (Source: TradingView)

In detail, Schiff refers to the double top with the price of BTC in April and November 2021, which are  $64,877 and $69,010, respectively. These two prices are nearly close, forming two tops or highs, as depicted in the chart.

In detail, the double top pattern states that following two peaks there would be a downtrend that breaks the neckline (between the two tops) and further moves down. And this clearly happened for BTC until its price declined to $17,970 on June 13, 2022.

The head and shoulders top pattern for BTC is evident in the chart; a “head” formed in November 2021, and “two shoulders” in September and March 2022. This trading pattern predicts a coin’s price movement in a “bullish to bearish” trend reversal. 

As shown in the graph, Schiff signifies the formation of a “rising wedge” below the neckline. The neckline is a resistance or support level that is found on a head and shoulders pattern. In this case, there are two necklines/support levels for BTC. One neckline is formed at $39,873 and the other at $30,000.

The rising wedge mentioned above started on June 20, 2022, and is currently moving in an uptrend. However, some crypto critics say that there would be a slight spike reaching the second support level (neckline) of $30,000, whereas Schiff is bearish that the BTC price might hit below the $10 support level.  To note, BTC has been trading over 63% down since November 8, 2021.

Adding on, BTC rallied to $25,190.73 in intraday trading, which is its highest price value since June 14, 2022. At press time the coin trades at a price of $24,095.

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