CertiK Alert: Feet Labs’ Discord Server Breach Detected

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CertiK Alert: Feet Labs' Discord Server Breach Detected
  • According to the most recent report, the Feet Labs Discord server has been compromised.
  • CertiK Alert issued the warning, asking users not to interact with any messages.
  • Feet Labs had regained control of the Discord server at press time.

The Discord server of Feet Labs has been compromised, according to the latest reports. The warning was shared by CertiK Alert, a platform that shares on-time alerts regarding crypto scams and hacks.

CertiK Alert has warned users to stay vigilant. They also told the users to avoid interacting with any message or announcement from Feet Labs. Details from CertiK show that the scammers have posted a compromised fake airdrop announcement on the Discord server and urged users to claim it as an appreciation reward.

At press time, Feet Labs had regained control of the server. CertiK Alert has also shared the details of the phishing URL, asking users to stay away from it.

The compromise of Discord servers has been a common method used by scammers. Recently, the server of Syncera was also compromised to promote a fake airdrop. CertiK Alert has also warned users of a recent phishing scam that impersonated Pepe Coin with a fake Twitter account.

Cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and scammers have taken notice. One common tactic is to hack Discord servers to spread fake or misleading information to lure users into investing in fraudulent cryptocurrency projects.

Another common scam involves fake airdrops, where scammers claim to give away free cryptocurrency. These airdrops are often accompanied by phishing requests for personal information, such as wallet addresses or private keys. Once scammers have access to this information, they can easily steal users’ cryptocurrency.

Users should never give out their personal information or send money to anyone they do not trust. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.