Coinbase and ENS Partnership Is Boosting Web3 Adoption for Users

Last Updated:
  • Coinbase and ENS have partnered up to enable users to have “cb id” usernames.
  • Enabling users to hold “cb ids” will bolster Web3 adoption.
  • ENS has seen an influx of registrations in September since the announcement of the partnership.

Popular crypto exchange Coinbase has recently partnered with an Ethereum-based name service provider, ENS. The partnership will enable users to possess “cb id” usernames.

Users with “cb id” usernames will be able to construct a decentralized digital identity on web3. Others can easily connect and transact currency with others using “cb ids” connected to their Coinbase wallets. According to ENS’s official tweet, this will promote seamless transactions and make web3 more accessible.

These usernames are available for use on the Coinbase wallet extension. Existing .ens or  .eth users can connect their usernames with the Coinbase wallet as well. This has been a crucial step in bolstering Web3 adoption and for the growth of both partnered companies.

This partnership has helped ENS gain serious momentum. Compared to July’s new registrations of 378.8k, August only had 301.6k new registrations. September, however, has been performing at a steadier pace and is already comparable to August numbers at 294.5k. If the momentum continues, in the next 10 days 147k new registers will be added to the digits giving them a better result than July.

These numbers prove that the partnership has had a massive impact on ENS’s growth and it could rapidly change the pace of Web3 adoption.

The partnership has been a pivotal step for Coinbase and ENS, especially in promoting Web3 adoption. The members of the community also claim that this step will cause an influx in the number of users on the respective platforms.

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