ETF Experts Applaud BlackRock’s Bitcoin Advertisement

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  • BlackRock released an ad for its crypto ETF offering, pitching access, convenience, and quality. 
  • Bloomberg’s Eric Balchunas argues the advert was the best way to market to the wealthy.
  • The advert has gone viral, potentially appearing on cable TV news and roadshow episodes.

Eric Balchunas, a senior ETF analyst at Bloomberg, has applauded the latest move from the trillion-dollar asset manager BlackRock. Specifically, BlackRock, one of the 11 approved Bitcoin ETF providers, has released a promotional video targeting traditional investors for its Bitcoin spot ETF.

The advertisement addressed how Bitcoin has gained popularity over the decade and the surrounding technologies, such as Bitcoin ATMs. According to the advert, many investors are interested in Bitcoin as a store of value or a medium of exchange of funds across the globe. BlackRock noted that investors encounter numerous challenges while trying to utilize the potential of the world’s first cryptocurrency. 

As a result, BlackRock presented the iShare Bitcoin Trust ETF (IBIT) to solve the technicalities of directly holding Bitcoin. The company seeks to provide three solutions via the Bitcoin spot ETF: access, convenience, and quality.

Speaking on the advertisement, senior ETF analyst Eric Balchunas remarked that promotion convened the proper formality of marketing to the wealthy class. He commended Jay Jacobs, the BlackRock ad presenter, for a well-explanatory investor case, saying, “Everything about it says ‘‘it’s ok now, the adults are here.”

Furthermore, the analyst argued that the advert differs from earlier updates or even early data on volume and flows, proposing a reality of what the ETF approval truly represents. According to him, the ETF greenlight signals the clash of two very different worlds “for better or worse.”

Similarly, James Seyffart, another Bloomberg analyst who doubles as an asset manager, reacted to BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF advertisement. He envisions BlackRock’s Bitcoin pitch surfacing on several media channels, including cable TV news and roadshow episodes.

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